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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gossip, Gossip. I Love Gossip!

Gossip is another one of those things that I'm ashamed to admit liking. Not gossip about my friends or neighbors ('cause that's just tacky, immature & small-minded). I'm talking gossip about Whitney, Brad & Angie... all those other people who have too much money and too little sense & deserve whatever fun we common people like to poke at their expense. I mean, come on, you know that the celebrities have to love it when we - the public, the common, the masses - have the latest rumor, wonderings and innuendo on our tongues. That’s allows them to be celebrities. If we weren't all talking about them, they would only be talented (those that have an actual talent).

The thing about celebrities is not that they want to exercise and express their talent. It's not even that they want to be famous. What they want is to be celebrities.

Celebrityism. Hmmm... Is that a word??? Well it is now. I just coined it. Celebrityism. That's a whole different thing from talent, fame, or even importance.

Talent is what gets you acclaim for something you can do & do better or more uniquely than most.

Fame is what you get when people notice & appreciate your talent.

Importance is what you get when your talent and fame can upset the balance of economics, politics, or opinion - in more than a tiny degree

Maria Callas had talent. Whitney Houston, James Baldwin. All talented. Michelangelo had fame (even if most of it came posthumously), and so did Michael Jackson (before he let his private life intrude & overshadow it). Oprah has importance. Bill Gates, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve - they all have importance.

Celebrity is what gets you noticed for what you wore to the opening of some nightclub or on the red carpet of the Oscars or Grammys. Celebrity & its value and availability changes as often as the mind of a child in a Toy's R Us. These days, all anyone has to do to get some measure of celebrity is appear on a reality show, sleep with someone who might at one time have been someone (and if you really want to amp this one up, let someone air the details on a talk show), or just make a complete fool of yourself on television, the radio or in the news. It helps if you are either really attractive, really unattractive, or just look like you are comfortable with a part in a low-budget porn video. For some people, having wealthy parents and the I.Q. of a piece of burnt toast does the trick.

So, when I say that I like gossip, what I mean is, I like gossip about celebrities. I don't want to hear the dirt on people for whom I might actually have some measure of respect. (Hey - did you notice the proper structure of that last sentence? I use better grammar to speak of those I respect.)

Gossip, I like. Celebrities are fair game for me to use for my selfish, silly and diversionary entertainment purposes. What I don't like are those shows that put idiots on display. Maury and Jerry Springer... (sigh). That kind of mess is just ridiculous & benefits no one but the Maury's and Jerry's of the world. There is nothing I hate more than seeing some poor, uneducated man or woman proudly airing their ignorance on television while a Maury or Jerry sits on the sidelines egging the tent-show on. A bunch of silly young women (and sometimes, not so young, but apparently not old enough to know better), sitting on stage in ho-clothes, cranking their necks and jabbing their fingers while talking about which of ten different men might be their "babies daddy." Or, the so-called "playas" and "pimps" dueling it out with a bunch of idiots from the audience. All of them doing the 21st century, multi-ethnic version of Stepinfetchit.

Lord have mercy on your children.

Just give me my daily dose of news about which trashy socialite celebrity has made a new kind of fool of herself. Again. Or let me see the new pics of the beautiful-singer-with-bad-taste-in-clothes (and/or weave, men, friends, vice) with her latest conquest at the latest hangout doing the latest thing to be noticed. Usually, this involves more than the acceptable level of PDA and goes on to an x-rated version of a "Girls Gone Wild" commercial.

When I think of talented people, I wish for the same blessing of that talent - maybe enough worthy of fame. When I think of important people, I pray that they will use their power responsibly. When I look at celebrities... Well, I'll be honest. For a moment or two, I might envy them their jewelry, their cars and the "star" treatment they often receive, but when my good sense & home-training returns to override my hedonistic tendencies, I am just glad that I have too much dignity and self-respect to be like them. They’re all just Jerry Springer guests with more money and a bigger audience.

For those of you who, like me, enjoy the regular dose of gossip, here are a couple of sites to visit:

(Remember, guys, the language could be a little rough on these sites. You have been warned. There are a couple of other gossip pages, but you'll find them if you check the links on the ones I listed.)

Words for the day:

"Do not confuse being rich or famous with being significant." (Free 2/2006)

Listening to:

"Tupelo Honey" (Van Morrison)


  1. kudos! all too true and hysterical...

  2. I am addicted to gossip too...PAGE SIX is like caffeine!

  3. everyone loves gossip as long as it's not about them. But you know I secretly think celebs love it when people gossip about them. It's good for their career if people are talking about them. Like they say there is no such thing as bad publicity

  4. Maury shows about baby fathers etc sicken me.Yup,I like some celeb gossip every now and then

  5. I've enjoyed reading your stuff. And thanks for reading mine. Celebrity gossip is something I can't stay away from. I've stopped spending money on People and Us magazines, now I take copies from the Doctor's Office instead.
    I laughed out loud when I read your profile 'cause I got ya beat--my compass has been bashed and stepped on!!! I have no idea where I'm headed with this writing thing, but still I forge on. It's good to know I've got sistas out there forging with me.
    Don't stop writing. You're very good and you've got a lot that needs saying.
    I'll keep reading for sure.