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Friday, March 31, 2006

Random & Around

Hey all! I couldn't stay away too long, so I wanted to drop in with a few of the random thoughts that have been slip-sliding around this mind of mine...

Random Thoughts:

Why does someone as beautiful as Mariah Carey feel the need to dress like a 14-year old wanna-be hottie? Every photo I see of this woman makes me wonder if she's trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe. To Mariah: Be original, lady! Anybody with a voice like yours doesn't have anything to prove...

About the Downlow thing: If I'm understanding it right (and maybe I'm not), I have this to say about it - The point is not a man cheating with another man. The point is a man cheating. Period. Being with a cheating man is like giving him a key to a vault holding all your valuables only to have him pass out copies to anyone he wants.

About that damn *** commercial: This is an ad for a herpes medication & it shows a woman having a great outdoors date with some guy. They're biking and swimming & just having a great time & it's clear that either they are or they are going to be intimate. Okay. Fine. Here's my problem with the ad. While I understand that unfortunate things happen & we sometimes do things we regret -- for example, let's say, drinking and driving -- hopefully we live & learn. Hopefully, we don't do a commercial explaining to others a way to KEEP drinking & driving without getting caught!!! The way this one commercial comes across (at least to me) is as if the woman is saying, "Hey, I like to sleep around a lot & I'm not going to let this herpes thing slow me down..." I dunno. Maybe it's just my perspective.

Around the Web:

I'm a freeware junkie. I need a daily fix of something to download to make my writing & regular life easier... I found a bunch of PIMs, organizers, reminder systems, and sticky-note utilities over here. (Not vouching for anything, people, just passing it on.)

My Alaska cellular service doesn't transfer to AZ, so I'm doing some comparism shopping for phones & plans here.

I got an invite to try the Yahoo Beta Mail (loving it), and I added a RSS feed for these folks. (I don't even understand RSS or "feed"...) Since I'm going to be laptop shopping, I'm cruising their info quite a bit.

I only EVER wear makeup for special occassions -- getting married, getting studio pics (or those ugly photos for employee badges! I slather on the foundation like Michael Jackson for those...), getting out somewhere REALLY nice, and on those days when a girl just needs a little help covering the lack of sleep or good nutrition -- so I'm going to be looking around this site some. I just hope the makeup really does suit a Black woman with red undertones...

That's it, y'all. Thanks for all the encouraging comments & good wishes you've aimed my way. Makes a girl feel nice. (My words today are for Abeni & anyone else dealing with loss and pain. I been there, but it's a place with different rooms for everyone.)



"We Host"
Sometimes Death knocks
waiting patient & polite
We gather our things
and go ready unafraid
Sometimes Death intrudes
kicking down the doors
we put up barricades & fight
going angry unprepared
But Life
Life just comes upon us
and visits
only long enough
to invite Death
(Free 3/2006)


  1. Thank you soo much for the words.

    seems I got it all wrong-you moving to Arizona and not Alaska? Am not functioning too well it seems.

    Baby girl can sure sing but most times she needs fashion help so badly.I am having a flashback of her atthat Awards show in the tight penguin looking/mermaidish dress.Yikes!

  2. Ok first thing thank you sooooooo much for writing about that damn herpes commercial. You couldn't have said it any better. I had to read it out loud to my mom's because she has the same problem with the commercial too. LOL @ I love to sleep around a lot and I'm not going to let this herpes thing slow me down. That's exactly what that commerical is saying to me too.

    Please let me know how that interface make-up works for you. I'm using Iman cream to powder foundation right now and I like it but I'm always looking for a back up just in case.

  3. Oh and Mariah Carey....yes she needs to quit dressing like a 14 yr old. The woman is beautiful and has a great voice. There are ways to look young and sexy without looking ridiculous.

  4. abeni--Hang in, baby girl.

    Yep, it's from the freezer to the frying pan... The weather here in AK just now starting to get nice tho... dang it. ("penguin/mermaidish dress" LOL!!!)

    Shenehneh-- Dang stupid commercial... Yay to Mom! (I have to check on Iman's makeup now. Thanks for the heads up.) And guess what, I just saw over at GossipMama's another pic of Mariah. Girl has on a dress shorter than a nose hair & NO draws... Shameful. Where the heck is HER mother???

  5. Boy that poem was a beauty! I'm totally feeling a retrospective mood coming on...