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Friday, March 10, 2006

Yes! Yes! YESSSS!

No - I'm not having a When-Harry-Met-Sally Moment ... But dang near. I am in CLOSING MODE on the house, y'all

(Hang on, I need a minute to do the Happy Dance.)

Okay, I'm back. Thanks to all my blog buddies for keeping finger & toes crossed (and making toe fire in substitution!!! Thanks Soulfull). House inpsection went fine with just a few things to do (the city apparently changed codes for smoke & C02 detectors, so I have to add a couple more), and the furnace inspection (furnaces being such a big deal around "henh") is all good. On top of all that, my big brother (bless his heart & remember him in the will when I'm a successfully published & Oprah-worthy author) is paying the first installment on my NEW house, which just confirms how happy he is that I am moving there.

People, I am blessed. Now I can start growing back all the fingernails I done chewed off!

On a sad note, I have to call my neighbor-buddy first thing in the morning. Telling her about the sale is going to be a little tough, so I'm going to pick up some Mogen David to tenderize the situation (yep, we're a couple of cheap drunks!) Matter of fact, my neighbor started me on Mogen David after she saw what I was paying for the ice wines I love so much. Her excuse to go kosher is that Mogen David is "good for the blood."

I'm so happy right now that I feel a little high. I have to settle my butt down though because I still have a ton of research to do on my manuscript before I pack it up for the move. One thing I KNOW I'll miss about this place is my local library. I'm going to be so lost without that place. All the staff know me, I can place materials on hold from my home PC, there are about six or seven really nice quiet theme rooms where I've spent HOURS writing and researching. I'm betting my new city has a library that's just crawling with crabby workers and annoying patrons... (Listen to me, being uppity.)

Anyway, I was telling you before about my snoop-buddy. My new city might have a decent library, but nowhere is going to have another Liz, so here's a quickie run-down on the wonders of this amazing woman:

First of all, my dog introduced us. The day she was moving into the house right across the street, my doggie got loose and ran straight INTO her house & pissed on her carpet. (My dog is one of the reasons I have one family of neighbors I never got along with!) Liz picked my dog up, gave him a big hug and - get this - THANKED him for coming over to welcome her to the neighborhood. (Yeah, she's one of those animal-lovers...) When I started apologizing and offering to pay to have her carpet cleaned, she didn't want to hear about it. She told me that my dog had just wanted to "christen" her new place. Turns out she has two HUGE & extremly aggressive mixed mutts (German Shephard with Greyhound genes). Even if she had gotten nasty with me, I wouldn't have copped an attitude. Shoot, once I saw those dogs of hers, I couldn't cop a quick turn to run back to my house. I just froze. Soon as Liz saw my fear, she put her dogs away & I don't think I've seen them from more than ten feet away since then!

From the minute we met, we clicked. That first day, we ended up talking for so long that we almost saw the sun set (and if you know how far north I live, you'll know that doesn't happen at a normal time). I gave her bios of all the folk on our street & a few days later, when she met those neighbors I never got along with, she knew WHY I never got along with them. We bonded mostly over coming up with ways to be a dual-edged pain in the collective asses of said neighbors!

Liz is one in a million. I doubt I'll ever find a neighbor I can call at three-forty in the morning to tell her that I think I heard something in my back yard & have her come over with her dogs to do patrol duty while I look for the ammo I hide in a closet to put into the gun I keep in my locked file cabinet that's in another part of the house. (And keep in mind, this is when she has to keep the dogs away from me!)

What other neighbor will I have who will drive across town to my job to bring me a change of clothes because I busted the zipper on my skirt just before I had to give a training class at work? (And didn't make fun of me until I had calmed down and could laugh with her?)

When my mother passed away and the rest of my family was grieving as hard as I was & all my friends were telling me how Mama was "in a better place," it was Liz who came over with a fresh box of Kleenex and said nothing while she just hugged me and let me cry. Weeks later, when I could talk about my mother without falling apart, it was Liz who encouraged me to do so & listened for hours while I did.

Liz. The chick who taught me the fine art of snooping. If something happened on our street, you can bet we knew all the juicy. If something snoop-worthy went down, I was in my window, Liz was in hers & we were on the phone with each other, doing updates like Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. Shoot - Liz is the one who taught me how to perfect the art of snooping by tilting my living room blinds just right so that I would be unseen from the street below. Damn, she's good.

You know you're good neighbors when you can borrow things like valium and Tampax. It's not like hitting up the regular kind of neighbor for a cup of sugar. One time, when relatives came to town to visit & made it to my house before I got off work, Liz saw the strange car in my driveway. She went over and demanded, "Who are you? Why are you parked here?" When she found out she had just interrogated my aunt and uncle (who she'd heard me talk about), she invited them over and filled them up with coffee and Nilla Wafer Pie (and, yes, she used the ramikens I told y'all about) and told them who-knows-what about me. To this day, whenever I hear from my aunt and uncle, she's one of the first people they ask me about.

So, yeah, I'm glad that it looks like I'm finally on my way out of here, but I keep thinking about the things I can replace - like lamps, linens, dishes - and the things I can't - like one of the best friendships I've ever had.


Words for the day:
"Friends: just like family, only they chose you." (Free 3/2006)

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  1. It is hard losing a friend but at least she will be a phone call away.On the other hand my best friend is terminally ill and you don't know how I wish she was travelling thousands of miles rather than leaving me for good.Now am gonna cry-but I know the feeling.

  2. Abeni: You are so right. This really helps me keep my situation in perspective...

  3. Wow abeni - I am sorry to hear about your friend. I'll keep you in prayer

    Free- (((hugs))) I am so happy about the sale of your house! *doing the harlem shake* I'm sad that you will be leaving your friend and pray you find a friend like her in Arizona, not to replace her but in addition to her except in AZ.

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