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Thursday, April 20, 2006

On a jet plane


**Cue angelic choir in chorus of "Hallelujah!"**

The house thing is over & I am not yet an alcoholic. I did overdose on some chocolate the other day!

I am leaving Anchorage Sat night/Sun morn. I would like to feel a little more sad, but at this point, the crazy weather in this beautiful place has helped me come down with a cold. We've gone from 17 degrees to 31 degrees. Day before yesterday, it actually snowed. Just a little bit, but still...

I have been keeping up with my writing. I have no idea how I've managed to do that, but, I have about 17 scenes to type up when I get back to my PC... And my PC (I call her "Della - cause she's a Dell!) was shipped out yesterday. The guy at the packaging store laughed (but just a little) when I brought her in all wrapped in a blanket. He quit laughing when I told him I'd be willing to seriously hurt anyone responsible for damage to my baby! I gave him my Ice Cube look from "Are We There Yet?"

Belle (my new doggie) has gotten sick & won't be able to travel with me. My niece is panicked about her little pooch being unwell & I'm just hoping that she will really send her own to me when Belle is better. (The last family dog died of cancer, so my niece is really concerned & anxious for the vet to tell her what's up.)

As far as the Young-Love-I-Left in Texas: I made a decision. Since I found out that he has a live-in-love, I'm going to get settled, call him, see what's what & then MAYBE go on there for a visit. I kept out the old pics that I found of him/us & I couldn't quit looking at them the other night. I wonder if I'm just itching to see him because of the stress and uncertainty that comes with this move I'm making? I don't know, folks. I don't know.

How are all of you guys doing? I'm not keeping up very well with my blog-reading, so I'm going to have a BUNCH of catching up to do when I get to AZ. Meantime, all of you please be well, be happy &


Watched "Roll Bounce" so my song is "Get Off" by Foxy


  1. Yeahhhhhhhhhh! *raising a glass of chilled wine to toast* "To new beginnings" I am so happy the sale finally went through!

  2. Congrats! Be careful on your trip. I'm sure your niece will send Belle and Della will get there just fine. We'll be waiting to see how the settling in goes.

  3. Good to see things are moving along nicely. Hope your dog gets well soon. My baby isn't fairing too hot right now either, so I feel you on that.

  4. Alright now! I'm glad to see everything working out for ya!! :)

  5. Yaayy!! Forward motion.

    Just checking in Free, I've been out of the loop a tad bit myself. Glad to hear you're keeping up with your writing! (something I need to do)

  6. dang girl,

    you all over. you need to kick the texas squeeze. you're in the midst of too much change to keep the old thing. and he got a live in?

    Do it bigger!


  7. I'm glad to hear you are doing well :-)

    Be safe and God bless