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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Dang Twitter

I know I keep talking about it, but I do love Twitter. I love being in the groove of what so many cool people are doing throughout their day. I love the little bits of inspiration, encouragement, news, gossip and insight that come in bursts of tweets.

That said, this morning I started weeding the hell out of the people I Follow. When I joined Twitter, I followed a lot of people kind of randomly. Now that I've been tweeting for a while, I realized I had to be more selective. I don't want to follow people who seem to have a) nothing to say, or b) just something to sell - either their services, themselves, or getting the most followers they can, or c) don't seem to be very interesting.

Now, I'm not implying that I am the most interesting person out there. I know I'm not. But I do try to be engaging. That's the whole reason I have tweet and have blogs. A lot of the people I was following didn't have anything interesting going on as far as their tweets and they didn't have anything going on on their sites. Some of the people I do follow don't have sites, but their tweets are so interesting. My biggest peeve is when folks try to disguise their tweet as something interesting & it turns out to be another "check this site where you can make big bucks!" deal. Ooooh - I hate that the most...

So I guess I'm about to get dumped by the folks I dumped. I guess I will at some point get dumped by people who don't like what I have to say. That's fine. That's life.

Anyway, back to tweeting. I'm using Twitzap now & I like it so much better than Tweet Deck or the other apps I've seen...



  1. I was the same way at first. I don't think I really understood twitter completely when I first started and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not following back. I have become more selective because I don't like to let a lot of garbage in my head. I have enough to think about as it is. I really enjoy your blog. ~Erin

  2. Hey Erin - Now with the follow limits, some of the pressure is off! :-)

    Have you run across the spammers yet? You have to watch for people who only ever post about their biz or how they can "make you rich." LOL