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Sunday, December 04, 2011

You Have to Wonder

I'm sitting here feeling stunned by what's going on with our weather. (I know, I know - I have been harping about the weather lately!)

This is crazy. The wind has gotten up to 118 miles per hour in some areas here in Southcentral Alaska. Here in Anchorage, I can feel it shaking and battering the house. The strangest thing is that it's gotten to 40+ degrees. In November. In Anchorage.

Now, it's not unheard of (in my 40+ years here) for it to get to 30 degrees at times, but this kind of warmth is just unreal. I might be wrong, but I can't remember this kind of anomaly happening in years.

If my mother were here, she'd be telling us about the End Times. My mom was hilarious. She grew up in a culture where people respected the weather and related it to things they were taught in church. For instance, I remember hearing her talk about the angels rejoicing or the Devil beating his wife - depending on whether it was raining while the sun shined or thundering and lightening.

I think I already told you how we kids had to get somewhere and sit down when the weather got bad. At my grandmother's house, you weren't going to move, talk or think in color if there was a thunder storm. "Big Mama," as we called her, wasn't going to have anything electric running during a storm. She'd make us go around unplugging stuff. We'd all gather in the front room with Big Mama keeping watch. She had a switch handy so she could switch one of us if we moved or acted up.

It sounds funny now, but I liked the idea of that kind of respect for the weather. My parents and grandparents knew that the weather is the work of the Lord, so the respect was really for Him. It's a good thing no one watched a lot of tv back then, because in Texas, there was a storm every other minute. Probably that why we kids didn't watch a lot of tv. No electricity around our house! lol

It would be interesting to know what Mom would think about this weather. She loved wintertime so she'd probably be upset that all the snow is melting so close to Christmas. She loved Christmas and she didn't enjoy snow-less ones. (The one Christmas we spent in Arizona was such a disappointment to her that she was a little depressed.)

Since I'm mentioning Mom and the weather, I will remind you of something I've posted about before:

As I've said, Christmas was Mom's favorite holiday. She loved having the house decorated with lights outside and all the trimmings inside. Decorating our tree was not a family project. Mom did that and you'd have thought she was DaVinci the way she worked on it. When she was done, it was beautiful. She could tell if anyone moved even one tiny ornament. Anyway, one year, as a gift to her, we had someone come and hang lights on the outside of the house so they would not have to come down at the end of the season.  There was an inside switch for us to turn them off til next time. We had the lights for quite a few years and when Mom passed away - in April - we all came from the hospital to find that the lights were turned on. We thought that maybe our neighbor had done it in honor of Mom, but she came over to ask if we had had someone turn them on. We never figured out what happened, but we all like to think that the Lord had something to do with it. A way for Mom to say goodbye.

So... didn't mean to wander so off point.

I hope that wherever you guys are, the weather is behaving. Stay safe and try to enjoy.


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