Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Lil' Man

Little D.J. will turn the big Zero-One tomorrow.


Since I suck as an aunt & haven't finished the 2nd video for the fam, I am posting some pics here.

Just bout have this gate business figured out...
Really? A NEW gate? Aw, man...

New fam friend, my big sis & one of my "play" brothers

Couple of nieces & nephs, fam friend & her kid.

Sis feeding D.J. way before dinner's ready. Spoiled brat! lol

And... half the dinner is ready.

And he's spoiled... how?

Aw, Auntie, can't I please touch the Christmas tree?

                                                                 Drumroll, please...
                                               Lil' Man is a year old. All downhill from here!

My niece came in from N.C. & made an amazing cake. Amazing.

The "dirt" - Oreos. "Rocks" - coated chocolate. The cake? YUM>

Road construction-pattern inside

The Birthday kid & his paparazzi. LOL
Finally. Sleeping. (for about 15 minutes, tops!)

Hope you guys (especially Miss Karina) enjoyed the pics. I thought of playing this song at the party, but... Deej's a little young yet :-)

                                                                     Sing it, Muddy!


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