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**REVIEW** Orthopedic CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is one product that I did not fully review for myself. My sister is the one who needed this she was the ultimate judge.

By the way, this is my sister

My sister & I (with her son looking enthusiastic)
She's a pretty amazing person. Despite the fact that she is stuck in a wheelchair for about 70% of her waking hours, she stays busy cooking, cleaning, chasing our toddler nephew around the house and, well, doing more than most of us who aren't in a wheelchair. (Actually, there are some days she makes the rest of us look downright lazy!)

Since she's stuck in that chair, we are always looking for ways to make it more comfortable. We have tried different pads and cushions and, one time, a niece and I even tried making a cushion. I'd show you pictures of the one we made but it kind of fell apart after a couple of days. Besides, it was so ugly that Stephen King could write books about it. Anyway. The cushion that comes standard with the chair wouldn't be awful if it wasn't in constant use. After a few months, it breaks down and feels like there is just the barest support. My sister has actually had more discomfort from sitting in her chair than from the issues that put her in the chair.

Enter the CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion.

I wish the photo was 3D
 My sister is using this, but you know that I just had to do a little bit of a try out.

Except my car hasn't been this clean since it left the showroom
And, of course, my niece gave it a try in her office chair.

She works from home, so add a few toys and crumbs
In our real life (where our cars aren't ever clean during the winter and a crazed toddler has marked all the other chairs as his personal territory), but this is what the CushionCare looks like in the wheelchair.

this chair has some mileage, let me tell ya!
My sister (and her butt) are very happy!

This is the standard cushion she's been using:
matches the chair, but not the most comfy
Notice that the standard cushion is sized to fit the chair. That's helpful when my sister is using her transfer board -

this is the simplest & best idea ever
- to move from the wheelchair to, say, the car's passenger seat. She was a little worried that she'd have problems with the CushionCare cushion. She thought it might shift around or not meet the edge of her board. We did a test transfer from the chair to the car and from the chair to other seating she uses. We had no problems with that at all. As a matter of fact, the CushionCare didn't slide around as much as the standard cushion. I think that has to do with the cover material.

Since this review is based on my sister's use, I should tell you what she says she loves the most:

No, we didn't cut up the cushion!
Notice the contours.
The cushion is shaped in such a way that (forgive me for being sort of crude) her butt gets some air. Also the raised part offers nice support for her thigh area. This is awesome for someone that can't brace or adjust their sitting weight by shifting their feet. Because... no feet. (Humor is our therapy, people! Remind me to tell you about the time a woman in a shoe store almost slapped me for joking with my sister about which tennis shoes she liked best...)

All kidding (mostly) aside. We grew up attending a Holiness church. And if you've ever gone to church that started just after breakfast and ended somewhere around dinnertime, you might understand what it feels like to sit in a wheelchair all day. I sometimes imagine that my sister has flashbacks to those days we spent in church. And we didn't have seat cushions. Or air conditioning. Just those paper fans with pictures of MLK, JFK and Jesus on them...

Sorry. I got distracted for a moment. Back to the review.

Sis says that the foam in the cushion in so comfortable that she wishes there was a matching pad for the back of her chair. Speaking of backs... My sister wanted the comfort provided for her butt, but (ha!) this cushion provides amazing back relief. According to my sister, her back just didn't feel so strained and tired as it usually does.

As you can see from the product photos, anyone can benefit from the support this cushion provides. I'm sure this is a wonderful solution for folks who do a lot of driving or who spend hours at a desk, but I'm glad that we've found something for my sister to use in her wheelchair. I'm hoping that word gets around to healthcare providers so they can recommend to their clients.

Because this cushion will get so much use, it's great that it is machine washable. Also, there is an excellent lifetime guarantee.

This is one of those products that is so good I had to write a thank you to the company for letting me (my sister) try it.


 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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