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**REVIEW** Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

The product I got to review a couple of weeks ago is interesting. There seems to be a new trend of certain cleaning products coming with refillable pods. The same morning I got this product, I was at a local store where I saw a common brand of household cleaner that was made to be used with refillables.

Greenwald's Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner is the product that I'm getting to try out for this review. I opened the outer delivery box, thinking how light it felt and saw this:

When I opened the product box, I saw why it was such a light package:

No water weight
You get the professional spray bottle (more on that later) and 6 packs of cleaner concentrate.

 Kind of cool, right? Not to have the heavy, liquid-filled spray bottle is nice. It's a lot easier to store until you are ready to use it. That's probably the main feature most people will like.

As for how this cleans, I was able to test it out right away. On the awning of the travel trailer. That's the dirtiest surface I could find to clean.

Yeah. That's only one side. I wanted to get a close up so I just got the one side here, but there are older photos of the whole awning so that you can at least see that both sides looked the same before cleaning:

                                           left side                                               right side

So... I cleaned the left side with Greenwald's, and the right side with a common brand from the store.


Can you tell the big difference? I certainly could.

I could have gotten the right side cleaner by scrubbing more, but that would have tilted the testing. As far as the "test", I just sprayed each side (one at a time) with its respective cleaner, let it sit for a few seconds, then I used a sponge to rub down the awning. I finished by spraying on clear water to rinse. (By the way, I used a sponge that is soft on one side and a scrubber on the other. The scrubber is safe for non-stick cookware.)

For a less tedious job, I cleaned the little mini-fridge that we keep in the garage. It's plenty dirty for an appliance because we use it to hold juice boxes for kids.

The top half with Greenwald's only

This is the test of cleaning the bottom part of fridge with the Greenwald's on the left, Brand X on the right. (Middle part left untouched.)

See? Hard to tell. The Greenwald's is a bit cleaner. (Middle part, I left untouched.)
It was harder to get photos that really show the difference. In addition to those pics of the appliance, I am going to include photos of the paper towels I used with each cleaner.

These are the dampened (but unused) paper towels:

I used 3 sprays each. Brand X just looks wetter.

Greenwald's on the left, Brand X on the right. You can tell that the Greenwald's seems to have picked up more dirt, but that could be because the fridge was dirtier on that side. I only judged by the finished results I could see on the appliance.

 As you can tell, the Greenwald's cleans a bit better than the usual glass cleaner we keep around the house, but there were a couple of things I liked most about the Greenwald's:
  • The smell is not as unpleasant as unscented glass cleaner (though it's about the same as other scented cleaners).
  • I didn't notice the residue our usual (scented or unscented) brand left behind.
  • The mixing was easy because I could make the formula as strong or weak as I want it. (On the other hand, I do have to use the entire pod, regardless.)
  • The non-smudge factor is nice. 
  • The storing of Greenwald's is easier because of the concentrated packets. You only add the water when you are ready to use the product.
  • The spray bottle was superb. It was great to be able to more finely adjust the nozzle and intensity of the spray.
By the way, these are the ingredients:

Greenwald's works out, (at the Amazon Prime price) to be about $3.30 each for 6 32-ounce bottles. At our local retailer, a popular brand (at Alaska prices) is around $3.50 for a 32-ounce bottle. 

Since the price is comparable, this comes down to other factors. The Greenwald's is made for multi-surface cleaning, where my usual brand is for Glass - though that brand does have a multi-surface product also. I don't have any in my home, but I checked online.) For one thing, if I have to use more of one product to get the same cleaning effect, I'm not saving money. From my tests, I could tell that I got better cleaning (although just slightly) from the same amount of Greenwald's as for the Brand X. And I have to add that, with a toddler in the house, I like being able to hide away the concentrate until I need to use it. For the usual brands (that come pre-mixed), we have to keep them up high and out of reach.

The Greenwald's is backed by their 100% Money Back Guarantee. They also have a few other cleaning products worth checking out, including a citrus cleaner. In addition to their products on Amazon, you can check their site (and sign up for coupons there).


Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 


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