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Low Carb Check-in (and a **REVIEW** of Atkins Snack Bar)

So, it's Day 3 (if I am counting full days & not the one where I cheated like Tiger Woods) and I was able to get into a top that I bought months ago, and I was able to get into my cute boots. Yay.

Odd thing is, I'm losing inches but I don't see a bit decrease in pounds. Matter of fact, depending on which time of day I step on the scale, I might be a bit UP in weight from the last time.

Good news is, I've decided not to worry about the pounds showing on the scale as much as I look at how my clothing fits. Also, how I feel is a big indicator of positive results. The most positive result so far: I'm not as crashed-out and tired feeling. Last night I worked on the book for more than 3 hours at a sitting, That has not happened in a while because I either get sleepy or muddled and have to stop working.

I've gotten into a better groove with my eating patterns. I'm not just scarfing down eggs or chops like it's a command performance. I had to learn to eat when I'm hungry. That sounds crazy, because everyone knows to eat when they are hungry. Right? Maybe not. As my body adjusts to this diet, I'm finding that I'm not hungry as often as I used to be. I've had to break the habit of eating food (or snacks) just because they are there, Basically, I'm learning to listen to my true hunger and, for any snacks, I'm pacing myself.

I already told you that I love, love, love this flavor of Market Pantry brand water enhancer:

I actually thought about trying another flavor, but I'm going to stick with what I know! Plus, these are only around $2.65 at the regular price and I'm sure there's going to be a sale every now and then.  My niece and a couple of my friends really like the Crystal Light powders. I wasn't crazy about Crystal Light because of the fake/acidic aftertaste.  (If anyone has tried the Dasani ones, let me know what you think about those.)

One thing that I will be re-stocking is that Viva Labs Organic Cacao Powder that I reviewed not long ago. It has become a favorite substitute for creamer when I need to add flavor to my coffee.  In addition to the yummy taste (which, by the way, is great for boosting those cheap and weak-tasting coffees), cacao powder is good for the body in general. I've been worried about my sarc for the last several months and am doing everything I can to boost my immune system. (Now I will have to do a review of the powder!)

I take the pure cacao (left)
and add it to coffee creamer powder (right)
Okay, that all covers the check-in part of this post. Let's move on to the REVIEW of the Atkins Bars,
which are now a favorite snack of mine - even though I think they're kind of pricey. Or maybe not. I just re-checked my receipt and see that I paid $6.29 for a box of 5 bars. So, not too bad, I guess. I should look for them at Costco or Sam's to see if there is a price-break.

I was only tempted by the name of these. That photo doesn't exactly make the mouth water, does it?

It looks like a lie

Most sugar-free or low-sugar have a weird texture, an odd metallic undertaste, or they just make you want to spit them out and scrape your tongue free of any residue.

To start by telling the truth, I never expect a low-carb, low-sugar "snack" to taste good. My sister, a brother, and my mother were all diabetic dialysis patients. You better bet that I've tasted my share of "high protein", low-sugar bars, shakes, candies, etc.

It's a good thing I got to the stage of opening up the wrapper. I was really encouraged by the look of the actual bar. I have to suggest Atkins changes that wrapper which almost scared me into buying a Snickers instead.

is that malted milk in the center???
I loathe malted milk!

This low-carb treat is almost as good as a Snickers. Mostly. it reminds me of a large version of those little round "turtle" candies but with less carmel.
World Famous Gourmet Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles 16 Oz Gift Tin
These are turtle candies

This is the Atkins

No malted milk anywhere in there, praise Jesus.

The chocolate is surprisingly smooth and, well, chocolate-y. Sometimes, "healthy" chocolate has a waxy texture. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of the store when I had my first bite and, boy, this one hit the tongue like a good, messy chocolate, just the way I like it. After eating nothing but eggs, chops, and neckbones for a few days, this was such a welcome treat. I'm sure that anyone seeing me right then wanted to suggest that my chocolate and I go get a room.

Now, there is a bit of a salty undertaste that I didn't notice the first time I ate one of these. I guess I was so excited about snacking on something involving chocolate and nuts to notice. My tongue was too happy with the chocolate to taste any salt. And the saltiness is not very pronounced or unpleasant. As a matter of fact, just like most chocolate lovers know, the saltiness sort of  intensified the chocolate flavor

So, yes, in my book, this bar is a winner.



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