Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palin really keeping an eye on Russia

This mention of Palin being "unaware" does not surprise me.

When I think of the "trade missions" Palin likes to refer to, I have to laugh a little. Why? Well, maybe because of the way a local talk show guy (Cary Carrigan) explained those missions - some of which he went on. Pretty much, a group of people (at least once including Mr. Carrigan) trot out their trinkets to interest the foreign parties & the foreign parties trot out their trinkets. They all look at each others trinkets & discuss ways to do TRADE (since that would be the mission). Oh, yeah. Then afterward, they all do a lot of eating, drinking & partying.

So, nice to know that Palin attended these trade missions where she got to practice her Joe 6-pack persona in the name of stimulating business for Alaska. Maybe since people like Cary Carrigan were also there, we should be looking to them to fill out future V.P. seats... At least Carrigan is intelligent and likable. Just saying.