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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy To Connect

It's amazing to me how easy the internet makes it for people to connect.

I was checking out some links for my other blog (yes, this IS a plug for Trudy's Tracks!) and I ran across the Yahoo-run MyBlogLog. (The funny thing is, I have had a Yahoo account for at least 6 years & I'd never heard of MBL.)

Anyway, while signing up for MBL, I was offered the chance to include all my other web "connections." There was a long list of sites - Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc - that, if I was a member of them, I could show that on MBL for others to connect with me. Like I said, there were the usual, well-known sites listed, but there were a bunch of other sites I'd never heard any word of: Bebo, Bright Kite, Dopplr... It's a long list. There was even an alternative to Twitter (Google's Jaiku).

Of course, I checked out the sites and added links to them over on Tracks, but I am still kind of amazed at the variety. If you are searching for real estate - there's a site. If you want to share your travel tracks - there's a site. If you are a DJ and want to be listed in a directory - there's a site for that too. If you want to list a product or service, share stuff you find online, network with gamers, or if you want to help people out with micro loans - there are sites out there for ya. It just goes to show, if you have an interest in something, you can always find other people with the same bent. The web just makes it nice & easy for us all to connect.

One of the sites that really caught my eye was Shelfari - a networking community for book lovers. Wow.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the kinds of things you will find over at Tracks.