Friday, March 13, 2009

Rest in Peace, Dr. Shannon

I wanted to express condolences to the family of this wonderful doctor.

Too often, we don't hear about people who do worthy things with their lives and careers. This man did so much. And I love the fact that he had a passion separate from his work. I'm glad that he spent his last days enjoying himself dancing and spending time with his wife.

The man was only 55 years old, and I can't help but think "Why?" Why someone like that, with so much to give and live for? Things like this make me question how God deals with us. Not to be fatalistic, but I did immediately think: "Lord, I'm not curing people. I'm not even handling my own life in the best way. So why take this man. Why take someone with his drive and ambition and abilities to do so much good?"

Well, I just wanted to note his passing. Make people aware that there are so many amazing people out there, doing good and living life the way it's meant (I guess) to be lived. I didn't want to NOT note the death of someone like this. (And, of course, the writer in me wonders what on earth caused his death. I mean, is this going to turn out to be something strange and mysterious?)

Anyway, rest in peace, Dr. Shannon. I wish comfort and strength to your family and friends.