Friday, May 08, 2009

Never Stop Laughing

I'm so thankful to my family. No matter how crappy life gets, they never let me forget to laugh. I can't even GET a pity pot to sit on. I start complaining about something & somebody in my family will have me laughing about it in seconds...

I was bitching about marital problems to "K," and since my own are never enough (or I don't want to single myself out), I had to bring up what was going on with a friend and her situation. I joked that I was sure she wished her old man would just drop dead. (This guy of hers is a real and total jerk, no kidding.) K joked back that the worse a man is, the longer he lives. "Look at that damn Mister in The Color Purple." Of course, after that, we had to list all the really rotten men we ever knew or heard about. Sure enough, those jerks all seem like they are going to live forever.

When I complained to "C" about how lazy men can be (okay, I was talking about MY man), she had to one-up me. Told me about how lazy her husband is & the day she was determined to be more stubborn than he is lazy. Guess they ran out of toothpaste. First, he was too lazy to stop and pick some up on the way home from work, so she did. Then, when she left the two new tubes in the bag downstairs, he was too lazy to bring them up to their bathroom (even though he was sitting right next to the bag for a few hours before bed...). She got up to brush her teeth the next morning, realized he'd not brought up the toothpaste. Wondering if he was SO lazy that he hadn't brushed his teeth. No.... Instead of going down and getting the brand new tubes of paste, this dude took the old and empty tube on the bathroom counter and - get this - somehow cut it open and scraped out enough to brush his teeth. She was so mad. She said she wondered if he realized that it would have taken less effort (and been more considerate) to just get the new tubes of paste. I guess not.

I know that we women tend to gripe about a lot of things, but little things make big piles. And then our men wonder why we laugh the hardest when Chris Rock does his routine on "If you have ever been in love, you have contemplated homicide..."

And, still, we love these guys. Damn. We need therapy, but I guess that's what the laughter is for.