Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just Shaking My Head...

I just watched these videos & my reaction was to suck my teeth and shake my head regretfully and go, "Oooh.. Prince. Um, you're not sounding like you are well, brother..."

When you watch these, I'd be REAL curious to know what you think. Here is what I thought:

  •  I never noticed Kevin Smith before - probably because I don't go to the movies - but he is such an incredibly funny guy. Now I DO want to see his work. And I love his appreciation for gratitude. So many people today have lost the whole concept of gratitude. So, Mr. Smith, I now have a big ol' platonic crush on you!
  • Celebrities who get really, really big (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince...) must get lost in all that fame and lose their grounding. Think about it - they all seem to get a little nuts in ways that non-famous people don't. Their fans start to worship them & the celebs get god complexes and seem to live in a universe all their own.
  • Fame seems to be an escape from something for them. Not the routine things "regular" folks struggle against. If they had family dysfunction, it was severe (or so they make it seem). If they had sexual confusion, it is extreme (or so they make it seem). So on and on. 
  • Some celebs seem so cliche. All that money and fame & no joy in their lives that we can see.
  • Prince is supposed to be JW, right? So, what's his fascination with Jesus? I didn't think Jesus was a big part of their belief system... (Don't get me wrong. I am GLAD that he is giving Jesus some thought because maybe he will think enough to get on track with Who and What and Why Jesus is. Cos I am a Christian.)
Basically, hearing this story just confirms something I have thought about extreme fame. I'm sure that there are all kinds of ways to sell your soul for things. People do it when they choose certain things over other things in life. Not just "non-Christians," but all kinds of people, including preachers and teachers and parents and friends. When you come to a cross-road in life and make a certain choice, you just may have sold out in the deepest & most eternal way. It's as if you are being asked, "How bad do you want this?" (whatever "this" is). Some of us just might want it bad enough to choose it over all else.

Anyway, that's my little rant. I just want you to check out this vid.


P.S.: He might be crazy, but Prince still has the greatest love song ever: "Adore."