Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melancholy: Just Another Word For Blue

Couldn't sleep well last night.Tossed, turned, tossed more. Watched a lot of stuff on Hulu. Love the old Bob Newhart Show. During the opening credits, there's that wonderful music that starts off kind of boppy, then mellows down as Bob gets on his afternoon train home.The setting is Chicago and while Bob is on the train, there's this brief shot of another passenger, a woman who looks like she's just had a rough day. This is the mood I was in last night: I couldn't help but wonder whatever happened to that woman. Is she still alive? How old would she be now? Still living and surviving in Chicago? 

And that music... Love it (even though if I'm in the wrong mood, it can make me sad). Here it is in the opening credits (and my favorite version):

Just makes me close my eyes and think of other routes life could have taken.
And here is the full play (composer: Patrick Williams). Nice.