Wednesday, March 07, 2012

This Diet Thing

So... Can't remember (without looking at notes) when exactly I started working on the diet & exercise routine, but yesterday I joined an online community where I am able to track my progress. What surprises me most is that I didn't meet my goal of 1850 calories. I only made it to 991.

Me? Not make my daily calories?

I almost fell over when I looked at my daily total. I not only missed my calorie intake goal by almost 600, but I burned over 1500 in my exercise. Crazy, right?

I knew how many calories I'd been burning, but I really believed I was eating way more calories during the day. I am going to have to be careful. I don't want to pass out somewhere.Wouldn't that be hilarious? The woman who was trying to eat the world just a couple of months ago...

At the rate I'm going, I am hoping to be back in really good shape by the time we get warmer weather. It will not only be much easier to do some outdoor walking, but I won't have to layer down in clothes to cover all this fat.

Vain as it may be - I cannot wait to wear cute clothes and shoes again. I'll probably just stand in front of a mirror naked for the first few days! I haven't even wanted to look at my body for almost a year. It's going to be nice to have a waistline again.

Yep, Spring is coming up all over the place.