Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Like Car Trouble

For the past several - what, days? Weeks? I'm not even sure - I have been feeling crappy. I was even beginning to think that the prednisone wasn't working. Because that could mean going back on a higher dose, I have been having a lot of anxiety about seeing my doctor tomorrow.Actually, yesterday, I was starting to feel a little it sick to my stomach even thinking about it.

So what does all this have to do with car trouble? Well, my body is apparently acting just like a car that is not operating the way it should. Until you get it to a mechanic. 

Yeah, suddenly, after having a really "sarc-ey" morning -  skidding when I walk, stumbling around the house, forgetting everything but the ability to forget and snapping at people - I was feeling a little bit better the night before my doctors appointment yesterday. Of course, right?

That kind of sucks because I forget symptoms when they are not fresh in my head. I'm always afraid that I'm forgetting to tell my doctor something important. Thank goodness he's so patient with me and doesn't treat me like I'm crazy when I suddenly mention something {or maybe mention it a million times over}.

The good thing is, I'm still feeling all right today. Not great, but better. I am not really having a lot of trouble with my keyboard right now. Understand that I got a few drops of water on the keyboard, so some of the keys are just gone out to lunch without me.

Anyway, my point is that I bet if my appointment had gotten postponed, I'd have been feeling at my worst...

So, yeah, the good news is, I feel better and bad news doesn't matter until it happens, right?

I'm going to keep up the exercises {even though, apparently, the prednisone is making weight loss freaking impossible}, stick to the quit smoking torture and just keep on being thankful for the good stuff in life. All I can do anyway is keep going.

I love Oscar Wilde's words about dealing with troubles:

"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise."


My She Speaks Product Review {Simple Skincare}

I have said before that I belong to a word-of-mouth site or two. The one that allowed me to try a new skincare product {a gentle scrub by Simple}is called She Speaks. I have been able to try quite a few products with them since 2008. {If you are interested, She Speaks will give you a forum to review almost any product. You also get to participate in 'campaigns' like the Simple products one I just mentioned. If picked for a campaign, they send you a full-sized product to try and, usually, coupons to share with friends.}

Back this facial scrub - and, yes, I suppose this is a bit of a 'plug,' but since I'm not being paid, so what?

The big sell of this Simple line is that there are no dyes, artificial colors, etc.  I love that. I have used Oil of Olay's Regenerist Serum along with Ambi's Even and Clear moisturizer for a looong time. They were a perfect combination for my skin. The problem is, Olay can be expensive enough where I can no longer justify the purchase and Ambi doesn't work as well on its on {at least, not for me}.

I have gone back to my remedy my younger & broker days of olive oil - along with a new find: coconut oil. {Laugh if you want, but a lot of us southern ladies grew up using Crisco, olive and other kitchen oils for our skin.}Olive oil is one of the best body moisturizers for almost any type of skin. I discovered from a friend that coconut oil is a little milder and nice for the face and neck. And, no, you don't feel all greasy and you don't smell like you just left a blessing line at a Pentecostal church! Olive oil has that odd smell only until it soaks in, and you can always use dusting powder or whatever when it does soak in. Coconut oil's pretty mild as far as the smell and it feels really nice on the body and face. You don't have to buy the priciest kind, just make sure that the olive oil is extra virgin and cold-pressed. Since I never wanted to walk around lugging a jug of oil, I use little cheapo containers from Walmart or wherever - or put some of the olive oil into whatever lotion or sunscreen you are using. {Coconut oil should be in a solid state, so do what you can.} And, please, make sure to use a sunscreen all the time.

 So, while the pantry oils are taking the place of my moisturizers, I still needed a cleanser. Castile soap is pretty good, but it can be really drying for certain skin types. So this Simple line looks like it's going to work out for me. It's very reasonably priced - between $4 and $7 around the U.S. That's kind of amazing.

By the way, I have tried out the scrub {and I almost never use any type of scrub on my face}. It was extremely cleansing and gentle at the same time. It felt as clean and, well, simple as advertised. I liked that there was no scent. I don't like scents on my face. {Can you tell that I'm picky about what I put on my face?} I will probably only use this once a week or so. I don't think I need a facial scrubbing that often...

On a side note, it's interesting that the Simple product line was a hit in England before it reached our shores. I remember from living in England that those women had the most beautiful skin. Of course, the weather is similar to the the Seattle area and the women there have that great skin and hair going on too.

So, there you have it. My little plug and review of a new-ish product is now over.


**DISCLOSURE: I received a free sample to review as part of my SheSpeaks membership**