Tuesday, May 01, 2012

App Suggestion: STUDENT TOOL

Check out "Extensive Notes - Notepad"
Too deep for me at the moment, but I found this for a reader who is a student & wanted the functions. Be sure to let me know what you think.
Since I haven't been publishing the World Wide Wow blog, I will do my best answering email requests here. Be warned - there are good days & bad days, so I am not the most reliable. I will try tho.
Gooood morning, my town! My cold, dreary, looks-like-Spring-sprung-right-into-Fall morning.

It is NIPPLY here this morning. So let's wake  up:

Works for me. I didnt even run into  any walls or anything. I'm telling you, this dancing is way better than that boring machine.

I didn't sleep much again last night, so I'm kind of wired & tired, which makes for silly. One of the BFF's spent the night, but  she had no trouble at all sleeping. She had so little trouble that her sorry ass  is still asleep. I get it, tho. When working people get a day off, sometimes they just need to rest. I'm cool. I entertained myself by putting Kita Kat in the room with her. When she wakes up, he'll probably be sitting on her face! LOL

Meanwhile, I'm cruising the  G while I wait for some call-backs. You know I'm over there so much just for the visuals. The art is nice, but the funny stuff is way better on a morning  like this one.

Check this one out:

Is that so for real or what? The lady who posted  it was still over there laughing about it an hour after she put it up. I told her I could really rub a few noses  in this one. No names, no names.

But because I was having too much fun on that one, I ran across one that's going to pop into my head every time I eat anything that has "waffle," "potato" or "bun" in the name:

You think I'm playing? Remember my fat ass has some seriously random clumsy moments. I can so see this happening. Payback's a motha, which is why when I poke fun I try to make sure it's worth it. Usually it is. Yeah. It is.

Anyway, this was just a quickie morning post. I'll have to do something later. Meantime, hope the rest of your day feels like this:

I could really get down with this. ~sigh~ (except for that fugly furniture...)

 It's just an  illusion folks, but so much of life is. If you have to be somewhere stressful today, go somewhere nice in your mind. (Don't, like, stay there or nothing - cause that's called crazy - but do take a mental break. Everything's gonna be alright.)