Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jonesing, Moving & Losing It

I am in serious withdrawals without my nephew DJ around. And I am slightly pissed off.

My niece and the baby were supposed to be home on Thursday, but... Bill Clinton is going to be in town there, soooo...

Yeah. My niece got tickets to go and see the former POTUS. Now, I have to be without my little Slobber Man for another few days.

I come over here to the house to Skype them every day. This was our fun just now when I called them up and yelled, "STINKS!!!"


That smile of his just melts me down to nothing! He also remembers how to wrinkle his nose & do his "something is stinky" face, but I didn't hit Screen Print fast enough to catch it.

I have told my niece that I don't care if she stays for another year, but I want Stinks home. Now. (Of course, she just had to go and remind me that I live a couple miles down the street now. And, of course, I reminded her that I am over here every day. At least until I get my internet hooked up...)

This next screen capture is proof of miracles. I sang DJ to sleep and his ears didn't melt. (Okay, "sing" might not be the word to use. Let's say that I croaked him to sleep! "Your Love Is My Love!!!")

"Please, Mommy, make Auntie Ya shut up!"

By the way...

This whole moving thing: the BFF and I are pros at getting not a damn thing done when we need to. I am still carting stuff over to the new place every day. I had 3 boxes of nothing but purses. Why? I have no idea. I barely have enough money at this point to need ONE purse!

I had a little bit of a meltdown the other day when one of my nephews didn't make it over on time to clean the carpets. And by "meltdown," I mean "pissy-hissy fit." (Still not all the way off the prednisone, so I have an excuse.)

The new place needs decorating big-time. At least we have a full fridge. When I get depressed, I have at least 6 healthy choices of food & snack. Oh, and I have plenty of clothes. PLENTY. (There is something to be said for being a rabid shopper when you do have the funds. I had the funds at one time, thank heavens, because no matter how broke I get, I will be dressed to kill. Oh, and it helps that some of these "predni-pounds" are starting to come off. Let the Church say, "Amen!")

I should have all my stuff at the new place before the week is out. Meantime, I am loving the BFF more and more everyday. We are trying to figure out why we didn't do the roommate thing before now; that might have saved me doing something stupid - like marrying the one guy in the world I shouldn't have been with 5 feet of. That's another story, so..

Just so you all know: I miss blogging, I miss your emails, and I will be back soon as I can.