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Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Days, Bad Days

I'm glad that today is turning out to be a good day for me because yesterday was just hellish. First off, I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep because the T. Rex that lives upstairs apparently thinks that pacing will relieve his insomnia. His lead-foot travelling and grunting all night is not really a problem. I sleep so rarely these days, my body has adjusted so that I can sort of function on a forty minute nod-off. The problem is, I was too tired and uninspired to use lights or a mirror to dress this morning. That wouldn't have been much of a problem if I hadn't had an appointment for an infusion.

Second, my appointment that started out fine, ended up on a sour note. As soon as I get to the doctors' office and the nurse gets me all set up, I crash into a dreamless coma. It probably doesn't help that they administer Benadryl prior to infusion. I don't even notice the first three vitals checks by the nurse (including the thermometer going into my mouth - and ain't it scary that I slept through that?), but near the end of the treatment, I started waking up.

Now, I rarely doze off in public. For one thing, I was traumatized earlier in life by watching my Mama nod off in church one time during a marathon sermon. (We were Pentecostal, so all the sermons were as long as "Driving Miss Daisy".) The nodding off was fine, but when she woke herself up snoring... Yeah. The other thing I hate about people seeing me sleep is that, while I want to believe I look like this -

I worry that I look like something like this -

I certainly didn't feel attractive after the treatment when I woke up, looked around and saw a gorgeous man standing not four feet away. Of course, I wear my lust meter on my sleeve, so I was crazily gaping at the poor guy. I probably looked a whole lot like a female version of the dude that stalks women leaving bars. You know the guy - he's dazed, confused, has two teeth and breath that killed the other 30, but he's sweet and wants you to know that, "You so purty. Really, really purty."

This man was just so gorgeous, really, really gorgeous.

Of course, I tried to rescue myself by feigning indifference. Kind of hard to do when my heartbeat's banging through my shirt like Pepe Le Pew's when he's in heat... I felt awful when I saw that Gorgeous Guy was with a woman who was wearing a wedding ring. I think they were visiting patients, but I didn't get a chance to ask the nurse. The nurse is a super sweet woman, but I was kind of annoyed that she snickered at my embarrassment!

Anyway. That's how yesterday started. It only got a little better when I swung by to see Baby D.J. The little brat is cutting teeth and didn't seem too thrilled to see me. Even worse, I won't see him for seven days because he and his parents left for their cruise last night. I went to sleep feeling sad and missing that little booger.

This is for my little loudmouthed D.J. It's one of his favorite songs for us to dance to. And I think he likes we do the whole



P.S.: Today is good. It's Day 19 without the cigarettes. The sun was shining most of the morning, and I'm destroying this bedroom and re-arranging everything.