Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hotties Then, Still Hot Now

Speaking of milestones - as I did the other day - I was thinking of some of the musical heroes I had. I Googled a few of them. Have you seen how freaking good the guys from Duran Duran still look? It's not fair, they just don't get ugly at all! And Tina Turner? That heffa!!! She looks better than most women half her age do. 

There is this comedian, Bill Burr, who jokes about the differences in ethnicities when it comes to how well we age. A lot of people will say that Black folks have the advantage there. I want to say that that sounds... slightly racist. On the other hand, we get hypertension and diabetes cutting our life-span down, at least we get to look good for the time we are here. 

All kidding aside (and I really was kidding, you guys), I love to do that walk back through my hell-raising days and see how my past celebrity crushes turned out. Did they make it through their youthful craziness like I did? Did they end up finding happiness in adulthood? Let's see:

I just loved Kool and the Gang. I actually met a few of the guys once, here in Anchorage in a lounge in the Sheraton Hotel. Two of them were really nice and one was an egotistical a-hole. Still "Jungle Boogie" was my jam then  and still is today. 

When I was looking for images, I noticed that a lot of the newer photos feature guys that were not in the original lineup. I'm too lazy to look it up - and this is a blog post, not a thesis - but maybe there's a new grouping. These pics are the only good ones I could find. Any other new ones look like Ray,Goodman, and Brown,  not the Gang...

The Jheri Curl days
Looking good, guys.

Duran Duran was the stuff. For my rocking hotties, they were right up there with INXS, Journey and Billy Squier. And, if I was into women, Pat Benatar would have been my squeeze. The boys in Duran Duran are still hot. I mean, hot damn. I just want to kiss the lips right off of John Taylor's face, and Nick featured in a few of my fantasies back in the day. Glad to say that it seems they are all married, settled and happy. Lucky gals, their women.
Even Simon's wife is still hot. 
And Ms. Turner... What the hell? Does this woman have vampire genes? The "Now" pic seems to be from 2010, but, no matter, she looks just as good in 2013. I love her story for two reasons: 1 - She proves there is life after abuse, and 2 - She proves there can be love in later life.

If I could just have her legs, I'd be happy.
I really don't know why it is that some people seem to age so well when others just don't. Bill Burr might or might not be right, but his explanation is hilarious. (I really hope no one takes offense at any of this, by the way!) 

When I was watching this on Netflix, I happened to be getting ready for bed and putting on my nightly lotion. Damn near broke a rib laughing at this man and his insanity. Funny guy, Mr. Burr.


Where's My Reset Button

I want to scream as loud as the sky is big.

This has been the 9 days of hell for anything I own with a power button.

My phone decided to act crazy first. It learned the trick of turning off its own sound and then got really smart and would just shut down and take a nap. Of course, I wouldn't notice this until a friend (or the police) showed up because my family put out a Worry Alert.  (They think that my sarcoidosis will rage and I'll go somewhere and curl up in a ball and not be able to find my way home! Just kidding. I think.)


Just when I figured out the work-around for the phone (the cure for the volume involves the ridiculousness of twisting that bitch), my computer caught the an attitude. The extended warranty I paid for expired on June 2nd. This mo-fo decided to catch some kind of nasty bug right around, oh... let's say June third. I won't go into all the fixes I tried on the PC before I gave up and just wiped it. Of course, there's a story behind that story...

I'm sure that some people own computers that have a clearly defined way of returning the beast to its factory defaults. Mine is not one of those. When I looked at my options, I could Restore, Recover, and anything but wipe the damn thing clean. Finally, I gave up and called Toshiba. I dared them to try to charge me.

(Just in case you have a Toshiba and want to take your own lumps with this fix, wiping the Satellite P series involves the F8 and Power buttons. Disclaimer: You're own your own if you eff something up.)

Okay, so I now have a reset PC, a somewhat functioning phone and the biggest technology hangover ever. I've been out of touch with half the people I know because (shame, shame, shame), the phone and computer are the mainstays of our communication....

I'm spending today restoring files and bookmarks and my whole dang internet life. Before I go to sleep tonight, I'm going to talk to the Lord about doing a factory reset on parts of my life.


On some alternate world, the other me is having a wonderful life.