Friday, November 01, 2013

**REVIEW**: Insta Bulb

The Insta Bulb.

I should be called an  Insta Idiot for buying this since it was a complete Insta Waste of Money. And why did I even buy this thing in the first place? Well, my roommate has an adorable dog. Paddy is a Lhasa Apso. Our perfect little sentinel pup (who happens to be afraid of the dark). We love the little critter so we leave the stovehood light on for him at night. I can see the light seep in underneath my bedroom door. I hate that. I like to sleep in complete darkness and, well, with the Insta Bulb, I get my wish, but the dog is gonna need therapy.

Usually, when I make a dud purchase, I can soothe myself with at least a few "Pros" about the product. Not this time. I can only think of a single good thing to say about Insta Bulb: it's not horrible-looking. That's it. Matter of fact, let me clear my throat and lay out the whole truth of my experience:
  • It provides less light than an just blown out match.
  • It doesn't adhere well to anything. (Okay, it did stick to a wood surface - until I pulled on the string to turn on the "light." I have to hold the mounting while pulling the string so I don't get clunked in the face by the fallout*.)
  • It should not be allowed to call itself "light" or any word that indicates eliminating darkness.
Oh! Wait, wait - I found another Pro: Since it doesn't stick well to anything, I can snatch that bitch down and toss it! I was hesitant to even write this review because I'm ashamed to admit I bought the product.

I'm going to return this thing to the store - if they will take it. If I was them, I wouldn't.

If you think I'm kidding, here are the photos:

Kitchen overhead & Stovehood lights on. Insta Bulb on.

Overhead & Stovehood lights on. Insta Bulb off.

Overhead off. Stovehood light on. Insta Bulb on.
Notice that I left the stovehood light on. That's because I didn't want to be in this kind of darkness to take the photo:

THIS is with only the Insta Bulb on. Paddy almost lost his mind.

* The mounting  did hold a little bit better when I stood and mashed against it for a good full minute after mounting. (I don't have time for that & it's not what I expected to have to do.)