Thursday, January 09, 2014

***REVIEW*** Airborne Gummies

My first box from Smiley360 arrived yesterday***. The timing was perfect because my box contained a bottle of Airborne Immune Support Gummies. Just as I am fighting off a cold and feeling even worse because of the methotrexate injection I had last night. Now that the immediate effects of the shot have worn off (nausea and a bone-deep weariness), I can stomach putting a gummie (or anything) in my mouth.

Let me say right here and right now that Airborne does NOT claim to prevent or reduce the risk of colds and germs. It's simply for immune system support. I wanted to try it for the same reason I quit smoking, reduced my stress levels and do all the other things my doctors advise: eat more nutritious food, get better rest and exercise.

Now, on to the product.

Airborne via airmail :-)
As soon as I opened the bottle, I could smell the nice, fruity scent of the product. I received the "assorted fruit flavors" in my bottle, but I mostly smell orange. There are 21 gummies to the bottle. They were a little bigger than I expected so I was hoping they really did taste as pleasant as they smelled.

I wasn't disappointed in the taste or freshness (you know how some gummies can be stale and tough?) and I liked that the chew didn't stick to my teeth. The taste is just slightly tangy and not sugary-sweet. Nice.

In case you are someone who doesn't like gummies, you can try it in other forms. While I like the gummies, I might also try the On-the-Go packets that I could add to a water bottle. Airborne includes products for kids, by the way.

Overall, I'm pleased with the product. I don't mind the calorie count for the recommended serving of 3 gummies.

I used to chew about a million calories in gum!
I haven't yet checked out the pricing for the product in my area, but I can save myself money by looking for it at Sam's Club or WalMart.


disclosure ***I received my Airborne product free of charge from Smiley360.***