Wednesday, April 30, 2014

**Review** Tomoson's (for bloggers & businesses)

***This is a rushed post, so forgive any errors!*** matches up bloggers with providers who have a product/service they would like reviewed. Here's the viewpoint of one of those providers (since I can only speak from the position of a blogger/reviewer).

I've been signed up with Tomoson for a while, but only recently began using the site. After a few days, I've already been accepted for one invitation to review a product (and you will see that review here asap!) and the process was pretty smooth.

The products I see listed for possible review are diverse. There's a great selection - good enough that I just rejoined the dreaded Facebook so that I can apply to review more of them. See, that's how it works: the more socially connected you are, the more eligible you are for applying to review products. Makes sense. The product providers want to get your feedback out to as many people as possible and, since Facebook is so freaking popular ~insert eye-roll here~ a lot of providers make it a pre-requisite for the blogger to have a certain number of Facebook "friends".

I get it.

Thank goodness I have bunches of folks that I enjoy on Twitter and G+. I don't want to recruit Facebook "friends" just for selfish purposes. I'm hoping that those Tweeters and Plussers willl migrate over to my  ~groan~ Facebook account. That way, I'm truly only dealing with folks I like.

Back to Tomoson:

It's easy to sign up and set up your profile. There's a system for verifying your social network influence (no fibbing allowed! ), and the rest is just waiting to find a product you'd feel good about trying for review.

Like I mentioned before, I am signed up for one product review and can't wait. I really wished I had started using Tomoson earlier. If I had, I might not have just 19 Facebook friends! LOL. Seriously though, I have to restrict my Facebook account because of issues with a stalker ex and his folks.

For anyone already doing product reviews (or anyone with a blog who wants to get into that), I can recommend giving a try. In the meantime, if you are already one of my social network buddies, get over to Facebook and Add me as a "friend" because those are the only folks I want on my "timeline."

I am here (for Tomoson), and here for... I dunno, but it's a page for my blog. I think


Not As They Seem

Sometimes in life, things really are not as they seem. You can spend your whole life fooled by your own perspective, perceptions and expectations of people. You imagine what's not there because you see only what you want to see. I damn near had a psychotic break when I recently realized this about people in my own life.

This morning, when I got an email with this photo (of a woman body-painted) to look like a bird, I thought that it captured my personal realization.

It's a bird, it's a... Nope. It's a woman.
The email added these "clues" that sharpen the picture for us: Her left leg pointing down like a tail,  her right knee is drawn up,  her right arm is braced on the stump, her other arm is folded over her head. THE LONGER YOU LOOK--YOU'LL SEE HER VERY CLEARLY.  SHE'S SITTING ON THE WOOD STUMP.

Illusions. Life.