Saturday, May 24, 2014

***REVIEW*** Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil

I got this sample in the mail recently.

I got Deep Nourish formula
(for dry/damaged hair)

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I was pretty excited to try it because my hair has been growing out recently (good thing), but sometimes looks like a dried bush. I've had the chance lately to try out a new shampoo and, thank goodness, it worked well because this oil (as a pre-shampoo treatment) did nothing for me.

This might be some good stuff if I use it as an overnight treatment with a cap. I didn't have enough in the sample to try it more than one of the other 4 ways the packet suggests using it as: an ends finisher, blow-dry protector, conditioner booster or overnight leave-in.

Depending on the price of it, I might use the coupon and pick some up for my sister (so I can borrow & try again!) next shopping trip.

Now, I just spoke for how this did with my hair. For someone with a different texture, I'm sure this would be a nice finisher. Any good combo of oils is great for hair ends. (A lot of people seem to like it.) This oil did have a pleasant feel to it (not sticky at all), and it comes in 3 formulations - for dry/damaged, frizzy/unruly, and color treated. I got the first one and should have tried the second type. Hah.

If this is like most Garnier products, it will be reasonably priced and work fairly well. I like most Garnier hair products. If you get a chance to try it out, I hope it works for you.