Monday, July 21, 2014

Creative Gifts

Okay, this is a brag post. I'm showing off some of the creative gifts that my creative niece, Gabby, has been making. You know how you see those Pinterest photos of projects that don't go quite as expected? Well, that's what always happens when I try to make things. My niece is the person who can just see an idea, then she goes off and improves on it.  I can talk her up all day long, but I'll try to let the photos speak for themselves. (I'll try.)

The first time I realized she could transfer her creative skills to edibles... She made this for DJ's first birthday:

And DJ's growing up to LOVE trucks!

Edible rocks & dirt. A kid's dream.

She even put "roadwork" inside

Having a baby? I'll give you onesies & diapers. Gabby will do this, using stuff Mom & Dad need.

Cute, right?

All kinds of useful baby items in this cute bundle

This is a favorite of mine. Airplane.
Bottles, diapers, toys...

She does stuff for the grownups too
Molded edible ornaments

For the game-playing cousin of hers

For her co-workers

With treats inside the treats

Her talents don't end with the gifts. She is going to talk me through making some chairs of my own when I get settled in my new home.

She took a plain set of chairs (left) & put on her spin to match a room decor (right)
Yeah, so, if you want a gift from this family, my feelings won't be hurt if you prefer Gabby's creations.

I'm trying to talk her into doing this as a side business. I mean, on top of her working a full-time job and pursuing her Masters... If you are interested you can connect with her here on Facebook or on Google Plus. Or, you know, me, her favorite auntie!