Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Found What I'm Looking For

As I get ready to leave Iowa and head back to Anchorage, I can say that I maybe have found what I'm looking for.

I found that my little brother is going to be just fine once I go home to Anchorage because he's been blessed with a wife who loves him. She will do just fine looking after him (and him looking after her). I will see them again soon.

I found that I have to be happy wherever I end up, and that just happens to be nearer to DJ and my sister right now.

I found that while I've lost some things and people in life (RIP Perry), that I have been given more than has been taken away.

I found that I can't worry about finding tomorrow; I just have to live for this day that God's given me.

I also found fresh faith.

So, I'll be heading back to Anchorage, where I can complain about the long, relentless winters and the never-ending darkness. But I'm going to start some new habits: attending church and Bible study; enjoying more of every second with my little "Boo Boo" (DJ); and just taking one day at a time without worrying about moments I haven't lived yet.

Finally, I have to give a shout out to the awesome people I met here (Hi, Marty & Mrs. Marty! Hello Pastor Scott and Sister Robin!).

And I'm giving a big blog hug to my little brother and his wife.

Oh yeah, and...

We look too much alike, don't we?!