Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Products I'd LOVE to Review

First a little personal note:

I'm in the midst of re-re-locating. I'm going to be living between family homes for a while. I will actually reside in Anchorage, but because of my awesome family support system, I will be able to get to Iowa every few months for a few weeks. This takes the stress off of me while I wait for an affordable place here in Anchorage (and shame of this city for not having enough affordable housing for singles!); my healthcare team is here, so I don't have to be anxious about that; I will get to see my little brother and sister often enough that we don't go into bonding withdrawals; and, most of all, I get to save money for when a place opens up here. Who else has family like mine!????

Oh yeah. These guys were a good family too.

Now, because I am (almost literally) moving in about 5 different directions at once, I have been slacking on the product reviews. I have a couple of new products in transit but, in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to talk about products I'm just SO wanting to try. (Maybe someone will see this and I'll get an offer to try out a few of these.)

You think I'm kidding? Nope.
  • Anything from this brand. I did get a tiny sample of the Immune Perfect Continuous Hydration, but not enough to really test it over a few days. From the little bit I did try, I loved it. They have a special offer on a "dry skin treatment" (including the Continuous Hydration) that I'm just drooling over...
  • "Love Curl Moisture Milk" by Camille Rose Naturals just sounds so yummy. My hair was almost too hydrated from the Iowa humidity, but the mineral-laden tap water also dried it out after shampooing. Now that I am back in Alaska, my body clock has re-adjusted but my hair is still confused! (Also, I kind of like the story of the product's founder.)
  • And because I'm a little hair-obsessed right now, I'm also wanting to dry this Hair Dew by Oyin Handmade. I wish I knew their story. 
  • TUKKA Naturals interests me because - well, it's for "naturals". Like me. I want to try this  conditioner and this duo. And, of course, I want to try this shampoo. (Aren't the names interesting?) Once again, I love the story.
  • Getting away from the hair thing (sort of), I came across this quite by accident. I love the idea of using oils on my skin. I had never heard of CaiauĂ© oil before this. One thing I can tell you is, I'm sure I will like the orange scent better than I do that of the rosehip oil (which works great, by the way)... I found that there is not as much info out there about this oil as I expected because it's better known as the trademarked name of Ojon oil. The company selling it on Amazon has this site. Huh.
  • This is a little embarrassing to share, but I have bad feet. I don't mean "bad" as in crooked or anything like that. I mean "bad" as in I don't take the best care of my feet as I should. I have corns and calluses that could frighten a podiatrist. My calluses get so bad that I find it painful to walk barefoot on hard flooring. We have wood floors throughout the house here. Yeah. So... Now, I do soak and scrub and moisturize my feet like a fetishist, but if I miss one week of not doing all that, those calluses grow right back like a petri dish experiment. So, this product is on my radar. It even comes in an "orange". What caught my eye? That it's supposed to eliminate calluses in mintues. Oh, yeah. This one is on my radar for shu-ah.
Well, there's my little product Wish List. I didn't even add on all the makeup I want to try. That would make for a loooong list. There are all sorts of BB and CC creams and new lips stains I want to try out. I think I'm going to have to make some vendor suggestions to Tomoson.com

If any of you have had a chance to try any of these products (or any products from these brands), I'd be interested to get your take on how they work.