Wednesday, September 17, 2014

**REVIEW** Bit Defender Antivirus (Free Edition)

Wow. I am so thankful to +Sandy Sandmeyer for telling me about Bit Defender Antivirus. I was getting tired of struggling to understand and use Comodo.

First off, the big difference between these two pieces of software is that where Comodo was loaded but confusing to use, I don't really have to think about Bit Defender. It's just sort of... there. And doing its job. Comodo was beautiful, and loaded, and just chock full of stuff that would have been great to use, but...

Not enough aspirin in the world!
Another thing I like so much about Bit Defender is that it makes it easy to find quarantined files. Then it makes a simple pick-and-choose job of of viewing the file in its folder, restoring the file, or just deleting it. Easy.

This would make life easier
This program is so simple to use, I really don't have much else to say about it. There is no convoluted interface. The shortcut is right there on my desktop when I want to check and see any warnings or quarantined items. (I was going to get a screen shot of it on my desktop but... some little cutie pie who I won't name named DJ jacked my mouse & I am having trouble with the built-in one on my laptop.)

Even this chart confuses me...

Anyway, another goodie about this program? Free. Yep. Of course, Comodo also has a free version that I was using. I was actually tempted to just buy Bit Defender Antivirus Plus 2015, but I can't afford the $59.95 just now. They also have Internet Security 2015 ($$79.95) and Total Security (on markdown right now for $79.94 from $89.95). Thing is, these are all priced for a year for 3 PCs. I'd love to ask for a discount since I have only one PC! Hah.

First Problem? No money.

So, yeah, I am really liking the great job that Bit Defender Antivirus Free is doing. I like it so much that I am planning on putting the paid version on a wishlist somewhere.