Wednesday, November 12, 2014

**REVIEW** Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer

Okay, this is a product that was out of my normal range of items to review. I wanted to try it though because of my healthier eating habits. I've discussed before how I do a lot of juicing to get a good intake of fruits and vegetables. My blender is awesome for when I want to do a large amount of juicing, but I don't always want a large amount of what my nephew likes to call "mulch". (Yes, he does think he's funny.)

Because I do my juicing in the blender on a sort of two-weeks-a-month schedule (and do a non-"mulch" diet the rest of the time), I wanted something for the times when I only want a cupful of juice. Sometimes, we ladies at the house just need enough lemon or lime juice for a recipe. Never mind that those "recipes" usually involve tequila and salt! Ha.

Enter this handy gadget:
Sturdy piece of equipment
That's the Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer that you can find on Amazon. (Keep that in mind for later...)

First thing I thought when I opened up the box was that the squeezer was bigger than I expected. And really sturdy. It's stainless steel so there's nothing flimsy about it - which is a good thing because it's large enough to handle larger-sized lemons, limes and even small oranges.

A standard tape dispenser for scale

By the way, the box it comes in is perfect for gift-wrapping. And I know a lot of folks who need this for their fresh drinks, I mean, juices.

At first, I thought this was tiring to use until someone let me know I was holding it all wrong! This might be silly of me to admit, but this is the first manual juicer I've ever used. It took me a couple tries to get the hang of holding it correctly but, once I did, I managed to ring enough juice from one lime to handle more than a few drinks! Seriously. And no more tiring out my hands like before. Duh. What's kind of cool is that it's not messy - I had expected. I've watched other people use juicers that drip everywhere. This one totally inverts the fruit and with that deep-dip design, all the juice runs into the measuring cup.

I can see some of the lushes in my family putting this to a lot of use. Meanwhile, I will maintain my healthier habits... Heh heh. At any rate, the stainless steel design is going to be great for tossing this in the dishwasher without worrying about rust and wear.

Now, here's a nice little extra for you readers: You can go over and get a $7.00 discount if you use this code to order on Amazon. That's courtesy the nice folks at Priority Chef. Cool, huh? Here's the code for your $7.00 coupon: CITR7OFF

Enjoy and don't drink too much "juice"! LOL


 DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

**REVIEW** Age Delay Serum (by Morea Naturals)

For a product with a long name - Hyaluronic Acid Age Delay Serum with Vitamin C + Green Tea - this works fairly simply.

loooong name, good results

One of the reasons I wanted to try it out was for the claim that it would make my skin instantly "glow". I can tell you that the minute I first applied it, I could feel something happening, and I was a little bit concerned because that "something happening" was a sort of tingling sensation. I wondered what that tingling meant - that I was allergic? or just that my skin was too sensitive for this serum? - but it wasn't too intense so I just applied some of my usual moisturizer over it. That took care of the tingling. The next time I tried it, I waited to before applying any moisturizer - just to see how long the tingle would last. Not long. It seems as if the sensation abates as soon as this dries.

My skin had been having a "dull" look for a while - as it does at the start of every of cold weather season, when the outside temp goes down and the indoor heat goes up - and after probably the second or third use of the Hyaluronic serum I noticed a little bit of relief from that. After about a week and a half, I could tell that my skin was not as dull. I haven't been using it as faithfully since that (just off and on) because of other products I'm trying out. I want to get on a regimen with it later to see if it does help boost the collagen levels in my skin - or at least from what I'll be able to notice visibly!

Overall, I really like this product quite a bit. Since this is a serum, and even though it provides moisture, I still use my regular moisturizer over it and, since it has Vitamin C in it, I make sure my moisturizer has sunscreen. I do think that because of my sensitive skin, I'll have to use on a on/off basis. That goes for most products with Vitamin C in it though.

This is not the first product I have tried from Morea Naturals, and I'm always happy with the brand and product stance. Finally, you might notice that this is not nearly as expensive as most serums of the same good quality. That's always a bonus, right? Plus, it's made in the USA. And then there's the Money Back Guarantee, just in case this doesn't work for you.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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