Friday, March 13, 2015

**REVIEW** Bouncy Curls

Since I was just recently discussing my hair and how dry it's been, I recieved this product to review at just the right time.

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 My Bouncy Curls was ordered via Amazon here. The brand site is here.

Sorry I couldn't rotate this photo!
This super-cold and dry last-minute winter weather is driving my hair and skin crazy! But on to the hair situation...

First of all, I'm always glad to see products for natural hair wearers. There's not enough variety of product outside the brands that are so heavily marketed but not properly formulated. This is how the product is described on the product page (I bolded the ingredients):
Ultra Rich hydrating cream made specifically to create the spring in your curls that only nature can create. Olive and grape seed oils infuse moisture while our proteins strengthen and protect your tresses from frizz. Whether you have kinky, curly, afro or wavy curls, Bouncy curls will deliver the soft touchable curls you've always wanted. Directions: Perfect for daily styling. Apply to towel-dried hair. Massage in from root to tip saturating strands. Style as desired, allowing hair to dry naturally. Ingredients include: Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Germ Oil), Olea Europea (Olive oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil), Fragrance.
I tried Bouncy Curls two different ways: the way the directions instructed me to, and the way I know I will sometimes tend to use it. Because I'm a maverick. Also, I know that lots of us ladies with natural hair don't wash our locks as often as others, yet we still need the moisture and styling benefits of our products in between washing.

Before I even start the rest of the review, let me get to one of the most important parts of any product: the smell. The scent is very. very mild and pleasant, thank goodness. It reminds me of a soft hand lotion with maybe a slight scent of fresh milk. I like it alot. Now, on to the hair results.

First, I used it on my dry hair. I wanted to see if it was as moisturizing this way.

This pic is of my dry hair. I had not treated it with my Carol's Daughter or any other product since night before last.

verrry dry!
This second pic is taken immediately after applying Bouncy Curls to part of my dry and otherwise untreated hair. I can tell that the product is very moisturizing.

This third pic is of my Bouncy Curls treated hair about 5 minutes after applying. I wanted to let the product dry and set for this one.

By the way, this product is nice and creamy, and it doesn't take a lot to treat your hair if you work it carefully. I am using it by working small sections to fully treat my hair without over-saturating (which might cause a weighted down look) and wasting good product.

One thing to note: I think that if you do over-use/over-saturate with this product, you will get a waxy feel. For myself, I plan to use sparingly, then apply more as needed. Just to avoid that situation.

Now, on to the way I was instructed to use it...

First - the comb-out. No added products. I have had my hair twisted into 2 flat plaits from front to back & just picked my hair free and combed it with a wide toothed comb for this shot:

This is a fresh wash and towel blotting. No Bouncy Curls applied at all:

And this is with the Bouncy Curls applied and still in the drying phase. I lost some of the fullness (aka "wild" look) that I like, but the moisture level is wonderful!

Webcam photo because I had to change rooms and lighting
By the way, I can tell that I can regain my full (and wild) look without losing moisture and curl definition. All I will need to do is finger comb some of my locks. For now, I think this tamed-down look is a better one for daytime.

There is no information regarding product guarantee, but I noticed their website has a Contact page. Personally, I have no reason to request a refund since I'm happy with the results.

If you are interested, I did a slideshow of the process on YouTube. (And I will do a review later on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone I used to produce that slideshow... For now, know this about the phone: AWESOME!)
UPDATE: About 3 hours after I used the product, I still love the curl definition, but I lost some of the moisture. My hair is not dry, it's just not as moisturized as it was right after applying. Because I still have softness and good curl definition, I'm happy enough. I did spritz on some of the Carol's Daughter I mentioned recently, and all is well with the world of my hair.


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