Tuesday, June 14, 2016

**RESOURCES** For Writers and Students

As I've been working on (or juggling the work on) three different books, I've been OneNoting some resources to share with you guys. Here are the latest links I culled from my notebooks. Here we go....

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Visualizing Words

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Dictation Software

  • Braina (Scary good dictation software, but be careful of the Pro trial. It's not totally free... Also, not expensive)
  • Speechnotes (So easy to use, but no download as far as I know. It's all online, then copy or share to other utilities.)
(I use it on my phone and if I could ever get something as good as S Voice for my computer, I'd be one happy heffa!)

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Other Lang & Slang

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What & Where in Time

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Too Good to Leave Out

Enjoy & Peace