Friday, October 07, 2016

**REVIEW** Cartoon Piggy Bank ATM

This is the "Cartoon Piggy Bank" sold on Amazon by Jhua.

It's cute, right? I wouldn't call it a "piggy bank" though. The shape is all wrong, and the image isn't even of a pig... 

I think I see a panda....


Okay, so it's not a traditional "piggy bank", but it is a neat little bank. It is, in my opinion, suitable for kids and adults. The packaging labels the bank as being for "Ages 3+" but the features are nice for anyone:
  • It's set up like a little ATM
  • Works with a password
  • Takes both bills and coins
  • Voice prompts user when entering password correctly or incorrectly
  • Lights flash when entering passwords (red for incorrect & green for correct)
  • Beeping reminders when door left open
  • Comes with preset password (can be changed by user)
The unit is plastic and not very heavy (when empty) but it is sturdy.  

I think that kids (okay, and adults) will like using this just because of the ATM-like features. The password might deter snooping siblings and little visitors.


One of the corners screws was missing on the unit I got. Not a huge deal because the other 3 screws are nice and tight, but... I'm sure that if I contact the Seller, they will be happy to send me a replacement, but that's a lot of hassle since I see no reason to ever be removing that entire backplate.

This comes with decent instructions but I did get a little annoyed because of a misprint. What is the most important thing when buying something like this for a kid? Batteries, right? Well, at first glance, the back of the box shows the battery compartment and labels the 3 battery slots with "AAA". The note to the side of this illustration indicates "AA" batteries. By the way, the correct answer is... "AA" size batteries.

You're going to need AA batteries, folks

Other than the problem of thinking I already the correct batteries on hand (and having to run out and get the right ones), I really like this little bank. I plan to give it to my nephew for either his December birthday or Christmas.

You will notice in my disclosure that I got this item at no cost in order to do a review. That's really good because as I write this post the Amazon price is $26.88. That's a little bit steep for something I would get a three-year-old, but I'd get it for someone 6+. DJ will be getting this review sample when he is five. He's a really smart 5 though!

How'd it work?

Watch as I demonstrate the bank. (You should be able to view the video as soon as it's finished uploading!)

To sum up, this is a good gift item and the features are really nice - they are even something of a learning tool for young ones. Just be aware that you will need to get your own "AA" batteries - not "AAA" - before you can use it. This bank is pretty useless without batteries.

You can find the item here on Amazon. 


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the items mentioned at a discount or no cost in exchange for doing a fair and unbiased review. Because of changes n their policy, I can no longer review these Amazon items on Amazon, but that's where they can be purchased.