Monday, October 24, 2016

**REVIEW** Mink Lashes

There is something very sexy about nice lashes. Actually, I think the first thing most people notice about someone's face is their smile and/or their eyes. I recently got to see how adding more lashes can oomph up someone's look. These are the lashes I'm talking about:

These are lashes from Tricky Hair Extensions. The glam is serious with these because, get this, they are made of 100% mink fur. Yes, mink. I felt sparkly and dressed up just saying that!

I used my niece Gabrielle as a model for a couple of reasons. One: she is beautiful bare-faced (and I wanted Before photos of her eyes). Two: the girl has beautiful eyes and can really rock some makeup.  (Also, she has that youthful, glow-y skin.)

Since Gabby had almost no complaints about the lashes - just that she had to work a bit to comb them into her desired shape once they were on - I will just let the photos speak for the product.

#1 - Gabby's bare lashes. As you can see, I wasn't lying about the pretty shape of my niece's eyes. Where I am a lipstick person, Gabby likes to dress up her eyes and she will match her eyeshadow to whatever outfit she is wearing. This is a big reason that I wanted her as my model!

#2 - She said that getting them on wasn't difficult. She did have to trim the outer edge to fit her lid length. She said that she had to separate some of the lashes because they tangled a bit. Don't forget, these lashes are really lush and full.

 #3 As you can see,  the chick has some pretty eyes (and eyebrows). She wanted to show a contrast of lash on/lash off...

 #4 - She noted that curling the lashes defined the shape better for her upturned oval eye shape. The lashes are not difficult to work with for anyone who has ever worn other lashes. 

#5 - The finished look up close. The lashes are very lush!

#6 - All finished with the rest of her eye makeup. IMO, Gabby's eyes look very defined and great even though she went lighter on her eye makeup.

#7 - She wanted to show how nice the lashes look in full on sunlight. I think she's working the glam well.

Notice that these lashes are lush and sexy but not too much for day wear. They give Gabby's eyes a nice bit of pop and she can still look professional at work - and she does have a professional and semi-conservative career.

Thanks to Gabby for being my model. She likes the lashes a lot and loves the extra dress up for her eyes. Thanks to Tricky Hair for letting us try these lashes. In addition to 3D mink lashes, Tricky Hair sells clip-in hair extensions. Visit their site and take a look around.


Disclosure: I received one or more of the products at a discount or no charge in exchange for doing a fair and honest review.