Friday, November 11, 2016

**REVIEW** IQ Shield FitBit Blaze Matte Anti-glare Protector

When I got my first Fitbit, I had the Flex model that I hated. The device itself was very limited (and expensive). The band was such a cheaply made piece of crap that it made me swear off ALL Fitbits for a couple of years.

The second Fitbit was a gift and I like the Blaze model so much more than the Flex. The band is still my least favorite part of the item, but it's at least more durable than those awful Flex bands. The other thing about this one is.... the glare of the screen in some lighting situations.

Even though we are out of our bright sunny days of summer and in the darkness of winter, it doesn't take much sun or the wrong indoor lighting to reflect off the Blaze screen. Even at the gym that I go to (stop laughing! I have gone a few times lately...), the lighting is pretty bright and I have to turn my Blaze certain ways to see the screen well.

I figured that since I have anti-glare protection for my cell phone, I could find something similar for my Blaze. They are two of the most expensive mobile gadgets I own. Mobile gadgets are the ones I worry about dropping, bumping, or otherwise risking some kind of damage.

So, I wanted protection (and anti-glare) for my Blaze and I wanted it to be affordable.  Found it:


That's the IQ Shield FitBit Blaze Matte Anti-glare Protector I got so I could write a review of my experience.

At the same time that I got the IQ Shield, I was testing out a protector from a different brand. I recruited my niece - who has the same Fitbit model as mine - so that we could try both and compare. For this review, we are talking about the anti-glare protector that I used on my Blaze.

I initially expected that the cover would just protect the screen and only cut back some on the glare, and I would have lived with that. What surprised me is just how much the cover cut out the glare.

On the left, my Blaze with the IQ Shield. On the right, Gabby's Blaze without anti-glare. Big difference, right?

When I was taking the photo, I realized that some people might attribute such a difference to the way Gabby was holding the devices so I asked her to try holding them straighter. As you can see, the difference is seriously drastic no matter which angle you are viewing from.

What a nice difference that is. I no longer want to ever be without one of these shields now. (I'm going to get some for my phone next.)

Other than how well this works, the main reason I like this shield over some others I've tried is because of the nice kit. You don't just get a shield and one of those dust cloths to prep with.

See what I mean? You get everything you need to prep the screen and apply the cover. It's really easy. My niece said that it was one of the nicest kits she has ever seen. (She used LOTS of gadget accessories like this because she has more gadgets than I do!)

Made in the US, this kit comes with 6 covers. I won't run out too soon, even though I am sharing them with Gabby. I still have the first one on (since around the 5th of October) and it's still in good shape. I'll try to remember to come back and update on when and why I need to apply a new cover.

You can find the Blaze kit I used here. I'm checking the brand's entire Amazon storefront for a cover(s) for my phone.


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the items reviewed in this post at a discount or no charge . This does not affect the fairness and honesty of my opinion. I write this blog for the readers and share my full experience when I test a product.