Wednesday, July 05, 2017

New Home & New Beginnings

Well, folks, this life changing move of mine just got real. I got into the apartment building that I so badly wanted.

When I lost my sister, I went through such a dark time. I didn't know what I needed to get out of that misery, but I tried looking. Turns out it wasn't a person or a situation. It was a place. This place that I am in.

I never had a doubt that God was going to bless me with what I needed but, this time, what I needed just happened to also be what I wanted. That doesn't happen very often.

This is just a post to give thanks to God and to the people he put in my life. Peoplake who prayed for me when I was so depressed the past couple of years. People who gave to me when they didn't have to. People who just let me drench their shoulders with my tears when I needed.

I'm thankful to my family who supported me and helped me along the way. I am truly blessed - not just in good times but also in times of sadness.