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Saturday, August 18, 2018

**UPDATE (with photos)** MCT Oil and Intermittent Fasting

I believe it was in this post when I did my last photo update on the Intermittent Fasting plan. I try to take some bathroom selfies at least once a month just to encourage myself.  So, let me just repost some of them from July to compare with August:
July 17th
losing the weight but carrying
a little waist flab 

After months of doing IF, I have been losing weight (slowly), but was having trouble getting rid of weight around my waist. IF works but is slow for me because I get off schedule once every week because I get sick from a medicine I have to take. At any rate, I was still pleased with the results but that waist flab...! Ugh. It has been stubborn. Until now.

Last month, I started taking a little bit of MCT oil in my coffee once or twice a day. I only gave it a try because I thought the oil might also relax constipation I have so often. Yeah, I know -  TMI. Sorry. The stuff I got is a bit pricey on my budget.

One of the reasons I decided to go ahead and try it is that if I was unhappy with it, I could get a refund. Well, I won't be asking for a refund. As a matter of fact, I will be figuring out how to replenish my supply when it runs out. The stuff works. Plain and simple.

Those results up there at my waistline? That's got to be from the MCT. I'm not doing anything different than I was before except eating slightly less during my one daily meal. That's "less" part must be due to the MCT oil because it's the only diet change I've made in the last month - I did start using the monk fruit sweetener but that was just last week.

I take around a tablespoon of the oil in my morning coffee every morning then, if I have another cup or two of coffee, I will add slightly less than a tablespoon per cup. That's it.

I'm not seeing a lot of loss of pounds and have been hovering around the same amount for the past couple of weeks, but I see my waist shrinking or tightening up and I see my clothes fitting looser. This top is one that I could hardly get into a few weeks ago and when I did, it looked a little indecent it was so tight. Now, while it's still snug, I can at least wear it without cutting off circulation.

Yeah, it's still a little "snug"
but that waist is getting tighter

 I guess I am experiencing what some dieters call a "no-scale victory". I can bend more comfortably; my bathrobe actually fits around me without gapping, and the tops of my jeans don't roll down when I sit. It's the little things, you know...

The MCT Oil that I got is more expensive than some others I saw online but I picked it after reading a lot of reviews and watching other people compare it to different brands. I'm probably not going to do a separate review of it on the blog because I think my photos and results tell it all. The MCT oil that I chose is from Left Coast Performance and I first saw it recommended by 2Fit Docs on their YouTube channel.

This particular oil when I bought it was around $25 for the 32-ounce bottle and I got it on July 14th. I I just checked and see that I am just a little over halfway through this bottle. It's lasted a while because I drink coffee at least twice a day (often 3 times and sometimes 4 times!) and have been using around a tablespoon full with every coffee refill. I eyeball the amount instead of actually measuring it. Some folks say that they even add the oil to their foods. I tried that but the oil is too pricey for me to do that on a regular basis. 

While I have not tried any other brand, there is so much that I like about this one that I will probably figure it into my food budget when I need to replenish. Here's what I like:
  • The packaging was very secure for shipping. Once out of the shipping box, the bottle was inside the box you see in the photo. It even came with the dispenser cap separate to discourage spillage.
  • There is zero smell and zero taste. Some people claimed that other brands had a rank smell and/or taste.
  • Oil is in a BPA-free container. (I keep mine in the fridge, by the way.)
  • The oil is made from 100% coconut oil. Some other brands didn't even claim this.
  • There is a refund offered if customers are unhappy with the oil or, for some reason, can't tolerate it.
  • It's working for my weight loss and it seems to provide me with some energy.
  • It helps with my chronic constipation.
  • It's on Amazon's "subscribe and save" program (only makes it a few cents cheaper though).
Now that I have experienced some results with MCT oil, I will be reading reviews for some other (cheaper brands) but I will most likely stick with this one. Maybe I will try another brand if they have a good refund policy in case I don't like it as much as this brand.

So, there you go. I am over 50 (okay - 50+ 6) and it's harder to lose weight in my "middle age"... I can't imagine how much farther along to my target weight I would be had I been using this oil all along. I will be back with future updates.


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    1. Thanks. I have now added chicory root use and apple cider vinegar to the daily routine so... we will see!