Friday, May 11, 2018

**REVIEW** Flight Olive Oil Sprayer (not just for oil...)

Let me start by clarifying something: the product I'm going to tell you about is (technically) for kitchen use. Technically. But we all know that you can't always stay in the box. First, though, this is the item I'm talking about:

That is the Flight Olive Oil Sprayer.

If it were just used as an olive oil sprayer, that would be cool because it really does spray the oil. Once you pump air into the system, it creates enough pressure that you can then spray a literal mist of oil onto your food. Awesome. There's no dripping or spilling, just spritzing the oil onto your food.

The oil sprays like water!
Do you see how fine the mist is? It was actually hard to capture on film.

Now, I was so excited when I used this the first time to finish seasoning some chicken because I realized another use for the sprayer.

Since this will spray something as thick as olive oil without clogging, I thought it might be good for spraying carrier oils. I love the sprayer that I currently use for my hair and cosmetic purposes, but I'm afraid to use anything heavier than essential oils and water. The Flight sprayer can be used for mixing my heavier hair and skin concoctions. It would be amazing to use this for blending together some Pumpkin Seed and Geranium oils to moisturize my hair and face.

I was only given one sprayer for the review so I have to wait until I can purchase a second one before I start testing hair and skin mixtures. For now, I'm using this one strictly for cooking. Since I was doing a quick review anyway I thought I might as well tell you guys about my thoughts for other uses.


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more products mentioned in this post for free/at discount. I was not asked to do a review.