Friday, October 19, 2018

**VAPING** The Vuse Vibe Recall is Tedious

For those of you who have a Vuse Vibe Vapor Tank System - this thing:

- you should know that there is a recall on them. This is for the Original units - ones that came out prior to this October (2018). The one I had was from at least 6 months ago and I can't even remember who gave it to me.

The recall is due to "a small number" of complaints about the units overheating. The new and improved Vibes are back on the market this month.

This is the site with the recall info. You will find the reasons for the recall and a contact number.

Recalls are great because you know that the company is at least trying to rectify problems. However... the process for this particular recall is as painful as passing a kidney stone. I was on the phone for at least 20 minutes with the rep handling the information. So, before you even put yourself out, let me tell you what the rep will be asking for and requesting that you do:

  1. A ton of verifying info of mine - name, address, phone number, birthdate. (All necessary stuff but it really just felt a bit invasive.)
  2. The code from the top of the unit. (Yes, I had to unscrew the tank and get a magnifying glass to see it.)
  3. The UPC from the bottom of the box. (Good thing that I'm that person who saves original cases and packing, right? How many other people do that???)
  4. RJ Reynolds will be sending me a mailer to return the original unit in. (That's fine and I don't mind.) 
  5. I have to take the packaged unit to a UPS drop-off location. (That part is a pain in the rear. I can't just drop this at the Post Office. Noooo... And if I ask for a UPS pick-up, I have to pay for that part.)
  6. Once the unit is received, it will be tested and checked over - which could take a few weeks - before I am sent a refund. Of twenty dollars.
Okay, so if I had been smart, I would have just cut to the chase and asked how the return would work. The rep and I would have saved time because, to be honest, I don't know that I will be making a special trip to a UPS drop-off for a twenty-dollar refund.

The whole finding a UPS drop-off bugs me (I live directly across the street from the Post Office), but here's my main peeve: RJ Reynolds is going to be doing a refund - regardless of how the testing of the unit goes. So why in the heck do I have to wait for their "testing" before they send the refund?

I don't know why they didn't just let me send in a photo of my unit with the UPC code, get my address, and send me the refund. I would have taken a ten dollar refund to cut through the hassle. Instead, they are paying someone to sit on the phone with customers for about a half hour for this runaround.

To be fair, I was so tired the whole time I was dealing with the rep that I didn't think until I'd hung up about asking if this was the only way to get a refund. Hindsight (and after a nap and some coffee) made me wonder what would have happened if I hadn't had the box and UPC code. 

Anyway, this is for any of you who might have a Vibe laying around.