Saturday, November 10, 2018

**REVIEW** SMOK Infinix

WARNING: This post has to do with vaping. If you are under age, please know that I do NOT encourage smoking or vaping for minors and this post is not intended for you.  I don't encourage nicotine use of any kind for anyone. This post has to do with my personal experience as I attempt to stop using nicotine.

I am SOOO mad right now...

I just got this to try and if I had known about it before, I don't think I would have wanted a JUUL.

Since I have already reviewed the JUUL, I will just go ahead here and tell you by first impressions how the Infinix wins out.

  • At $21.95, it's cheaper.
  • The starter kit is better. It's got a nicer boxing and presentation in case you are gifting it to someone. The instructions are good for newbies.
  • It is made to be refillable. That's always a big Plus.
  • Two pods come in the kit - along with a liquid injection bottle with a needle-nose.
  • The draw is so very smooth and even.
  • There are no crackling sounds like with a JUUL
  • It's sleek and nice-looking. I had a choice of 3 colors: Blue, Gunmetal, Red.
  • The sort of beveled shape is nice and more secure in the hand.
  • The slightly larger size makes it easier to keep track of.
  • I haven't gotten any leaking or spit back like I sometimes do with the JUUL.
  • And, once again, it's cheaper.
sleek with brushed aluminum

By the way, I have other pods that I refill and that injector is going to come in handy...

It's a serious needle-nosed tip
I've seen other reviews that give the Infinix credit but still give the edge to the JUUL and I don't know why that is. Maybe after using it for a while, the performance will slip???

This is the $21.95 starter kit
(from the fantastic Electronic Tobacconist)

Like I said, if I had known about this, I don't think I would ever have gotten a JUUL. For first time vapers, I think this is by far the best choice for price, ease of use and, definitely affordability.

I am using Aqua Salts "Pure" in it and I get a much better experience with the pod than I do with a (refilled) JUUL pod. Being able to refill is key and JUUL pods don't take as well when refilled because they aren't made for that. 

I am looking at Christmas gifts for the smokers in my life who could benefit from making the switch to vaping. Before now, I thought the very affordable Boulder Rock was a good choice for that, but this Infinix is much nicer for gifts. 

This is a very impressive pod kit and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.