Tuesday, January 01, 2019

**REVIEW** Lumify Eye (Whitening) Drops

Okay. I just had to come and do a quick post about this stuff here.

I can't remember offhand whether I got my sample of this in the Walmart box or the Target box. I can tell you this though: the sample of Lumify more than paid for the cost of the box. The photo you see above is the sample that came in the box. It's a .08oz (2.5ml) bottle that I'm sure isn't completely full. I expected sample sizes to be small but I remember thinking that this the bottle was a super-mini mini.

Thing is, the stuff works. I mean, it really works. I used to have the brightest, whitest eyes ever. This is back when I also used to be about 25 years old and could see without squinting. Things change, don't they? Now, I wear corrective lenses and still sometimes want to squint but don't because, you know, wrinkles. Also, for some reason, ever since I contracted sarc, I've had to use eyedrops to soothe my dry eyes and to brighten the whites.

At first, I thought this Lumify was going to be another higher priced version of my no-name brand "artificial tears" or Visine. Uh, no, ma'am. This stuff is like Visine on steroids and crack.

About 10 seconds after I applied a drop to each eye and blinked a couple of times, my eyes went from a dingy beige color to clean-snow-white. My brighter eyes took a few years off my face. The difference the Lumify made as almost magical.

Of course, when you find something that works so well, you want to know where you can get more and how much it's going to cost you. Then you want to know why it works so much better than whatever else you've been using. So... let's look at availability and price first.

Where you can get it and for how much:

  • Target                       $11.99
  • Walmart                    $11.97
  • Rite Aid                    $14.99
  • Walgreens                 $14.99
  • Amazon                    $11.97
(those are just from a quick search done for within the last month as of today)

Now, let's just take another look at that bottle:

For what it costs, I'm sure it's also being sold somewhere on the dark web or some other nefarious place.

As for why it works so well, apparently, that has to do with an ingredient called brimonidine. Lumify is the only (or at least first) to use that ingredient for am OTC product.

Lumify works but that price will get in the way of my using it. Also, I need to check with my doctors about the brimonidine in it.