Thursday, January 24, 2019

**REVIEW** J.R. Watkins Room Freshener (Lemon)

My mother loved using J.R. Watkins extracts in her baking. It's excellent stuff and I can still remember the smell from when she used the vanilla in her cakes. Not to mention when we used it for the TPV Perfume mentioned in a 2006 post.

A few years ago, I found some JRW lemon-scented hand lotion by accident and I had a memory storm or mama-memory so had to have it. The lotion smelled divine and worked well on my dry skin. It can pricey in boutique style stores but is crazy affordable at Walmart. Of course.

When I started searching for something to replace my once beloved but no-longer-quality Scentsational Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies wax melts, I kept running across JRW room sprays. Of course, I can't find a match for the Scentsationals but I found the Lemon scent. And I remembered how good the hand lotion smelled.

So, I got (at what I think is a great price)a 6-pack of 4-oz sprays for around $10.50. The bottles all came without damage.

I love that the bottles have a continuous spray feature, but the scent is the most important thing, right? . And...

I have to say I was not overwhelmed.

The fragrance itself is amazing - very fresh and sparkling like effervescent lemon. I sprayed some to kill some cooking odors and it worked. I sprayed the stale air in the bathroom and it worked. I sprayed some to kill that faint bad-breath-y kind of morning bedroom air and it worked.

Notice I keep saying "it worked". So what's the problem?

Well, the scent does not last. At all. I can smell the fragrance just brightening up the air for all of 5 minutes or so.

The only way to get any lasting scent in the home with this is to spray it onto something (I spritz the sheers I have up to the living room windows) but you aren't supposed to do that.

I just can't decide how I feel about this. I mean, I can get 27 ounces of Odoban for under 3 bucks. Odoban kills just about any kind of funky/stale/stinky household odors. I bet that stuff could get rid of locker room stank. However, I love the smell of lemons and vanilla - preferably mixed - and I just wish the JRW scent lasted.

So I am not sure if I will ever buy more of this. I will definetly keep looking for something - a candle or spray - that replaces my Scentsationals Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies...


P.S.: The spray comes in other scent choices. Also, I noticed some reviewers mention that these can not be returned so... be careful before ordering that you get the correct scent.

I have to add that I don't know why there are 2 JRW sites. This one looks to be the one with all the original stuff my mother used. This one looks to be the more "modern" carrying just the personal care products. Of course, you can find almost all the products from both sites on Amazon and/or Walmart.