Thursday, January 31, 2019

**REVIEW** Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2019 (Hydration Heroes)

My best friend and I decided a long time ago that the best pick-me-up for a crappy day is to get an unexpected goodie in the mail. For her, it's pricey clothing and cookware. For me, it's one of my 5-or 10-dollar subscription boxes. I am down to only 3: the formerly $7 but now $5 Target box that I get every now and then; the $5 Walmart beauty box that comes on a quarterly schedule; and the $10 Ipsy bag that I just started back up with for next month. My favorite is the Walmart beauty box.** There's always at least one really useful goodie to discover.

These are the ghosts of boxes past:

This was a Walmart Summer Box
Walmart Spring 2018

A Target Summer 2018 box

A 2018 Ipsy bag

This is the current Walmart Winter Beauty Box for 2019.

I sharpened the photo
so you could see more details

The theme - Hydration Heroes - is perfect for this particular winter weather. It has been warm (and dry), cool (and dry), and below zero (and dry). Ugh. So out of all the items in this box, I will start with my favorite of the bunch:

Curel HydraTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer

12 oz is $10.94
and also comes in an "itch defense" formula
for the same price
The first thing I tried was this moisturizer and I wasn't expecting to love it. I've tried other out-of-the-shower lotions before (Jergens brand, I think it was) and wasn't too wowed with the lasting effects. This one lasts. Also, I have been using it in between without water and I think I like it more that way, tell the truth. This is something that I would buy.

SooAE Black Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

$2.50 per mask as shown in the pic.
I am not a huge fan of facial masks because I don't really have "problem" skin and masks are kind of bothersome. For one thing, they can be messy. Also, not reusable.

When I tested this mask, I was only able to leave it on for about 2 minutes (of the 10 suggested) because it made my face itch in a couple of spots. I have a common sense approach to facial care: if something irritates my skin in the least, it comes off. Immediately. 

Looking like someone's nightmare. For real.
It didn't help that I could scare small children and pets with that thing. Not a good look...

While this was on my face, I could def tell it was doing something. First of all, there was an effervescent bubbling going on and, second, that itching started. I have a feeling that this might be best for people with oily skin but even then I would do a spot test before going full face with it.

PRO: The bubbles work and you can feel them working. For oily skin, that might have been wonderful. After being on for a very short time, once I rinsed, I could tell that my skin had been cleansed.

CONS: Too too messy for me.

That's the mask folded in there.
Had to unstick it to apply to face.

The mask was difficult to unfold because it was all glopped together in one big soapy/sudsy mess. Once on my face, the mask kept sliding around - even when I lay back and tried to stay still  - and I was worried about getting the solution in my eyes. My skin was cleaner feeling even after the very short time I had the mask on, but it was too drying and that leaving it on any longer was only going to damage my mostly normal skin.

NOTE: After the test, I read more on the mask's product page and realized I should not be using it ever. This one that I tested is for "acne and blemishes". This one is for solving dryness and is the one I should have used...

Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Collagen Infused Lip Mask

$2.47 (single); $4.95 (2-pk); $7.41 (3-pk)
If I don't rave over facial masks, you can guess how I feel about lip masks. It just seems a little silly to me. I actually have another one of these lying around in a makeup drawer from another subscription box. However, just for this blog post, I went ahead and gave the Neutrogena one a try.

You can see the list of ingredients
(That plastic outer seal is what's helping me save this for another use. Going to seal in vac bag and give it another go tomorrow.)

When you remove it from the plastic, there is a bit of oily residue visible.

I felt like an absolute idiot even in the privacy of my apartment. The dang mask kept sliding off my mouth and I looked like the Joker's girlfriend. (I might dry one out and use it for Halloween makeup this year.)

I don't know why they make these masks so large. Even someone with the fullest lips would leave a lot of this going to waste.

I mean, really, kiss me, baby, kiss me real good.

Enough for 5 sets of lips...


However... I have to say that, once I got the thing to stay put, the cooling sensation was extremely soothing and felt very hydrating. I would have gladly gone for another 5 minutes or so but I made it almost exactly10 minutes before my phone rang.

PRO: Felt amazing while on my mouth. Has an oddly relaxing sensation. The after effects were also good. It was as if my lips had been massaged with a high-quality moisturizer and a sheen of the ingredients remained for quite a while.

CON: A bit messy and the mask is way too large.

Like I said, I've vac-sealed the used mask and might try using it again while relaxing tonight. I enjoyed this and will now be using the other mask that I got in a box some time back. I won't buy any for now because I'm sure to get more in future boxes.

This is the KNC lip mask from, I think, an Ipsy or Birchbox:

(By the way, I tried the face and lip masks separately but I kept giggling when I thought of them together:)

my attempt at humor

Olay Daily Facial Hydrating Cleansing Cloths

$7.46/30 cloths
I used to love the Olay Regenerist serum but never use any of the other products. This wash cloth is pretty much the same as others. I was not disappointed, but I wasn't wowed. I don't generally use soaps on my face and I don't enjoy the feeling. I prefer cleansing with oils. This cloth is a nice idea for when traveling and wanting to freshen up the face. I'll pass this and stick with my oils.

Garnier SkinActive 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer with Rose Water ($9.96/ 6.75-oz jar)

Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat Papaya 1 Minute Hair Mask ($2.97/ 3.4-oz jar)

I've tried both of these before and liked them enough to purchase each. I still have some because a little goes a long way with such dense creams. Here are my thoughts on the face cream. The hair mask is something I only use about once every 6 to 8 weeks. It lives up to the "repairing" hype and I probably should be using it more often during these colder, drier days.

This was a decent box. When you consider that you're only paying $5 for the postage, it's a cheap way to try new products. The one gripe I have with the Walmart boxes is that there are often repeat products. I've gotten the exact same Garnier products before and this time I didn't get any coupons. However, I did get notice of some other Neutrogena products I'd like to try (and I've never been  Neutrogena fan because they don't pay much attention to brown skin):

(I do want to try the Smooch Lip Oil!)

And... I got this nifty little bag.

Okay, the bag was ruined by the Walmart logo, but at least there was a bag. That's a little Ipsy-ish of Walmart, ain't it?

I am happy with the haul. Next one is not until the Spring 2019 box and I can't wait to see what's in store.


 ** There is also a Walmart (grooming) box for men.