Wednesday, February 13, 2019

**VAPING** Review of Innokin Endura T20

Almost everyone in my circle of family and friends who smoked have made the switch to vaping. My SIL is the last one and she's struggling a bit. I can empathize because I think half the battle is finding the right device.

For those switching from cigarettes and wan ta decently priced device, I think this one by Innokin is good. Cheaper than Juul, Lord knows, and more versatile with the liquids.

So, yeah. This is the Innokin Endura T20. There are other variations of this model and I got a little confused when I was searching for video reviews. Just know when looking online at photos, the top pops off to reveal the drip tip. I thought that I was always looking at the wrong device because of the difference in the tops.


Here are some of my likes and dislikes after using this for about a week:


  • Price (on sale) was around $20 (and the packaging was nice enough to make a beautiful gift)
  • Has On/Off function (my Juul, Infinix, and Boulder don't)
  • Came with 2 extra drip tips
  • It's USB charging (unlike the Juul)
  • Is nice-looking with the shiny, elegant finish
  • Fills from the top and not a tiny side hole
  • Can easily view the liquid level
  • The draw is not too tight or loose and more cigarette like than the Infinix or Juul
  • You get more flavor than with most small devices
  • Is primarily a mouth-to-lung device but I am able to pull directly to lung if I want 
  • The throat hit is milder than I find with the Infinix
  • Priming the coil is easy (though unexplained in the manual)
  • The device is very comfortable to grip


  • Didn't come with extra coil
  • Have to be careful not to overfill & it's easy to do so
  • Top fill is convenient but still slightly narrow 
  • The top is awkward to screw on and off for filling.
  • Have to empty tank to change the coil
  • The coil is a bit tricky to remove and replace
  • Device tips over easily because of the way the bottom is made

You have to unscrew the top to fill

To save you some hassle, I will explain priming the coil now. When filling the tank the first time, simply let the juice rest in the tank for 10 to 15 minutes. That basically primes the coil. This sounds simple but the instructions complicated things by advising to prime the coil without explaining how. I, probably like a lot of people, was removing the coil and looking for a way to prime it. I finally figured it out after watching a video of a new device being prepped.

Notice the drip tip has a removable protective cap

I'm no expert on vaping but I know what I went through when I started. I could never find a device that made vaping pleasant. The first thing I ever tried was a Blu and that was a horrible experience. The Juul is expensive to use because of the cost of the pods. Also, the nicotine in Juul pods is way too high for a lot of folks. 

By the way, I got the Endura via Electric Tobacconist. As I said, it was on sale and also came with a free 10ml juice from Boulder and I got to pick the flavor.

I like Electric Tobacconist for devices & VapeWild for juices

The Endura has a lot going for it. I really do think that a lot of smokers would like it better than some of the other more complicated and expensive devices. When I started vaping, I wanted something that wasn't harsh-tasting and I didn't want to be intimidated by the experience. I think that if my SIL had tried this device first, she would have had an easier transition away from cigarettes.

I only recently learned how much of a difference it makes to use the correct types of juices in each device. Someone gave me a crash course and it's changed my vaping life... Basically, this is my method:

     Max VG = lots of clouds
     65/35 = gives best of flavor and clouds
     50/50 = I can use in my smaller devices like the Endura, Infinix, and Boulder Rock
     Nic salts = higher nicotine & for pods devices

This made sense when I read over the Beginner's Guide so conveniently provided by the folks at VapeWild where I buy all my juice.
Finally, I want to mention that my device came with a security code for verifying that I had an authentic product. That was kind of cool.