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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

In Writing Mode

There was a time when I did this on a regular basis. It's been a while. I'm going to share some music. I apparently cannot clean the house or cook without listening to music. I most definitely cannot write without music playing.

Since I rarely listen to a radio station, I discover most of the music I like from TV or movie soundtracks - or I rediscover music from my past. These last few weeks, I've been watching "Castle Rock" (interesting and odd) and "This Is Us" (love it!) and both use great music. When my sarc-brain settled down enough for me to start back writing this week, I decided on some of the tracks I'm posting here. Some are new, some are old, all are lovely.

By the way, these are all YouTube videos so who knows how long they will be available. If you like some of the songs, support an artist and buy some of their work. If you can't find them, make sure to see if they have a paywall you can support. We should always support talent and creativity.

I have to stop procrastinating now and.... bye