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**REVIEW** 3 Piece Set of Makeup Blender Sponges

This is what I have been using to apply my makeup:

Okay, I also had a sponge I picked up from a discount beauty supply when I was in Arizona.  It was a decent sponge and I use it just about every day (except, sometimes, on weekends). I had one other sponge but it began to fall apart after about a month. I don't remember what brand it was.

This is the set of sponges from Emax-Design that I was able to try out recently:


I love these. First of all, they are a lot more pliable than my other sponge. Soft on my skin, but firm enough to hold up to pressure. I really like having this set. Before I got my other sponge, I basically used my fingers to apply my foundation. For the under eye area or for smudging my liner, I'd use those little foam tipped sticks.  Now, I just keep these sponges with my makeup to take care of everything. I feel like such a chick right now!

I know that everyone has their own routine for their makeup, but I try to keep things nice and simple: foundation, a little highlighting or concealer (depending on the day), eyeliner, mascara and lip stuff. (By the way, right now, I'm very much into stain-and-balm sets. More on that in a later post.)

Can I admit something here? Until now, I didn't ever think of wetting/dampening a makeup sponge. I was just using mine dry. Never did wet it until the first time I washed it. Anyway.

The big and medium sponge of this set was what I was dying to try out. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use the small sponge for anything at all. But first, I wanted to see the difference in all three sponges when wet and when dry:

As you can see,  there is just the slightest plumping of the dampened ones.

Just so you can get an idea of the overall size of these, I took these shots:

The feel of them when dry is very firm, just as you'd expect. When dampened (wet and squeezed out), they are still firm, but there is a smoother texture to them. Live and learn, right?

The biggest sponge is, of course, great for my foundation. I used the fattest end to do my cheeks and forehead, then I use the thinner part for my nose and around my mouth.

I was determined to give the smallest one a go and found that I really like using it for concealer/highlighting around my eyes. I learned a trick a long time ago of adding a touch of highlighter just above and below the brow line. When I look closely at my cleaned face, I notice that I have a natural lightening there anyway. The highlighting is to define (and even "lift") the brows. The blunt end of the small sponge? Perfect for that job. I use the tip of that sponge to smudge my liner so that it doesn't look too harsh and noticeable.

Depending on which foundation I'm using - and sometimes, depending on what mood my skin is in - I like to help "set" my finished face. I will either apply some of my Blur (from Making Cosmetics) or I just blot my face with a tissue. Well, that medium sized sponge is just exactly right for blotting. On the day that I applied Blur, I used the narrow end of the sponge (which gave me lots of control). When I remembered to test the sponge just for blotting (no Blur), I used the blunt end.

I think I am now addicted to using sponges for doing my makeup. One day, I will have to try using brushes to do the job but, for now, I'm thinking that I like the control a sponge gives me.

I gave this set a 5-star Amazon review because of the versatility, the ease of using them, and the fact that they feel sturdy without being rough on or irritating to my sensitive skin. Now I want to get the 2-piece set so that I will have extras of the large size that I got in this 3-piece set.

So, it's official, I'm more of a girlie-girl in my middle age than I was as a teen. Go figure.

Anyway, I want to mention that I found another to-die-for foundation brand. I've been using these sponges to work with it. I'll review it in an upcoming post.

Now, if I could find makeup, a sponge - anything - to help with my attitude of late...


Disclosure: I received the items mentioned in the post at a discount or for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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