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**REVIEW** UPDATED Cleaner Steam Cleaning System ThermaPro 10-in-1

UPDATE (latest)
The company did reach out to me. They not only solved the issue but was unaware of the customer service problem I was having. An email got misdirected. At any rate, they have already shipped out a new unit. I'm still upset that the first machine crapped out, but I can't even be mad at the company - not after they straightened everything out. I believe in giving credit as loud as you give criticism. Thank you Home Moderne and Pursteam!

Original review was written in June 2018

Sadly, I have to downgrade my glowing review of this product. There are 2 reasons: 1) it quit working with no warning, and 2) there is poor customer service from the seller.

When I went back to try to change my review on Amazon (which I was unable to do), I read some of the newer comments from other buyers. My machine is not the only one to just suddenly refuse to power up. Every mention of this problem noted that the machine is less than a year old. 

Usually, I purchase the warranty but didn't this time. I am going through the credit card company instead.

I am really sad because I LOVED this machine.

Just wanted to revise this review. 

Whew! That is a looong name for a product and I even left off part of it. If you look this up on Amazon, the entire name is PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner Steam Cleaning System ThermaPro 10-in-1 Floor Steam Cleaner, Pocket Mop System with 20FT Cord.

Mouthful much? But I get why they want the title to be descriptive. This thing does it all. Pictured here is how the PurSteam functions as an upright steam mop:

But for all those other little jobs, you can see the hand-held that detaches from the center of the mop:

That's a neato design

I think that the hand-held is my favorite part of the ThermaPro. Today, I cleaned my windows which were filthy from where I'd been spraying my plants for the past few months. I even steamed my mattress and pillows when I stripped the bed to do laundry. I hear that steaming the pillows beats back germs.

This is my second new appliance. In the past couple of months, I have needed to replace my vacuum (which was a Dirt Devil that I snagged at Dollar General) with an adult one. I reviewed the new vac here. After getting the vac, I really needed a steam mop because my back has been giving me problems and I can no longer properly clean the bathroom and kitchen linoleum.  I didn't think I could love anything more than the vacuum I got, but... Wow.

This is a Before and After of the carpet near the entryway. I vacuumed several times, then spot-cleaned with some spray on (using the steam to scrub it in), and vacuumed again. The carpet looks and smells so much fresher.



a slightly different angle, but you get the idea

There is still some wearing down in the high-traffic spots, but it's a big improvement in the staining.

I LOVE this steamer machine. It does everything but cooks dinner. Not only can I clean the floors really well without having to get down on my knees with a rag to get the stubborn spots, but that detachable unit allows me to get hard-to-reach spots that my regular mop missed. The handheld unit has all these attachments that let take cleaning to the next level. This is what that little snap-off part allows me to clean with hot (and possibly semi-sterilizing) steam:
  • windows and sills
  • mirrors
  • countertops
  • the stove and microwave
  • sinks and showers
  • the toilet seats and backs
  • shower curtain liners
  • faucets
  • mattress 
  • carpets and rugs
  • furniture
  • garments and curtains
It's a pretty amazing machine. However... there are some negatives. Of the Pros and Cons, the latter has more to do with the instruction manual and locating contact information outside of Amazon. Let's just go over the cause of a headache I incurred while trying to assemble and use the machine.

This is what all comes with the machine. Right out of the box, it's not that intimidating because you realize the machine came with a bunch of attachments.

The first thing I always do with a purchase like this is to make sure I have all the pieces I should and that nothing is broken. (I hate tossing out the shipping box only to need it in a couple of days for a return/refund.) I take a look at the manual to check for all the parts that should be included. As I flipped through the first time, I thought I was having a "bad brain" moment.

To start with, the manual I got had some duplicate pages that ran in the order of This is how the pages are ordered: Cover Page, Pages 2, 3, 2, 3, pages 4-11, then 12, 13, 12,13, and the back cover. (Since the manual ends with the Troubleshooting page and Limitation and Exclusions page, I don't suppose anything is missing.)

Next up, the assembly went great until I was ready to use the attachments.

I couldn't find this vital piece called the "attachment adapter". Like I said, I had checked and counted off all the parts listed. That dang adapter was only listed (elsewhere in the manual), but not illustrated. Or rather it was illustrated but was labeled incompletely...

I had to email the company to learn that the "Steamer jet" piece is also the attachment adapter. They said that they were already working to correct the manual.

Thankfully, yes, I had the steamer jet thing so I was in business. The only thing other than that crazy manual that I dislike is that there is no place to store the attachments. I have put mine into a plastic zip baggie to keep in the pantry with other tools and small appliances.

I cannot say enough how much I like the machine, but I'm sure you're getting tired of that. I will do a quick summary of Pros and Cons.


  • The company's support staff responded quickly and courteously to my emails. I contacted them twice and received a reply within hours. Their contact info is in the manual.
  • The water gets really, really hot. I only use the machine when I'm having a very clear-headed day. You could easily scald yourself with the steam so I also wear heavy kitchen gloves as an added safety measure.
  • The machine heats up pretty quickly initially. I can turn the machine off for a couple of minutes to move to a different area and it will reheat almost instantly.
  • The steam is hot enough (again, IMO) to kill surface germs. It makes cleaning grout, scale, and grease easy.
  • The cleaning pads for the mop are easy to attach. Basically, you just fit them onto the bottom of the mophead and they are held on velcro-style. Other mops I've used required you to fit the cloth around the mop head.
  • The mop heads are washable and look sturdy enough to last through several washings, IMO.
  • The mop head swivels enough to clean close to the walls and in the corners.
  • What you miss with the mop, you can reach with one of the attachments.
  • The machine is lightweight and easy to lift and move around,
  • The cord is 20 feet long and I was able to use in my small-ish apartment without having to change to a different outlet.
  • Steam is adjustable so you can use more or less. I used a lot for cleaning the sink and shower and less for cleaning stove burner covers over the sink.
  • Because of the design, storage is easy and doesn't take up much room in a closet/pantry.
  • In my box, there was more than the usual "thank you" from the Seller. There was actually a nice little gift extra - while supplies last.

  • The brand's website is not really a standalone site. For products, everything links to Amazon. The warranty page didn't work for me and I was told that the product's warranty is timed by my Amazon ordering info. That's fine, but I did go ahead and get one of those Square Trade plans. Just in case.
  • Steam does get so hot that people will need to be extra careful, especially when there are small children around. This is seriously not something you want a kid to grab hold of.
  • There is nowhere on the machine to store the assorted attachments. You will need to keep track of them somehow. I suggest a zip-type baggie.
  • I don't yet see where to buy extra cleaning pads for the mop. I plan to contact the company about this.
  • When using the upright mop, Power/steam adjustment knob is down low. You have to bend to reach it.
  • The mop head lifts a little on the pull during the push-pull motion.
  • The mop swivel will get stuck if you swivel it too far right or left. It unsticks easily, but...
  • Those instructions need to be fixed immediately.

The bottom line for me is that the Pros outweigh all the Cons. This is the best design for a machine of this type. I have not just a mop, but also the other attachments for about the same price as most steam mops along. This one cost $59.99 at the time that I made my purchase.


DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or in any way compensated for this review. 

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