Monday, May 18, 2009

The Devil Is A Liar!

That's a saying from the old folks in the church. You know, something gets on your nerves, or someone does something they ought to be ashamed of, and old Sister Hattie would proclaim, "The Devil is a liar!" ***

My mother, though, was one of those people who didn't believe in blaming everything on the Devil. She'd remind me when something didn't go the way I'd planned, the Devil had nothing to do with it. "That was you being hard-headed," she'd tell me. "Hard head makes a soft behind." Then I'd get a lecture about using more common sense when making important decisions. Once, when I got my first credit card, I bought some kind of expensive purse. Just had to have it. Couldn't live without it. It had cute initials on it and "everybody" who was "anybody" had one. Mama watched me loading all my stuff into the purse and said, "Got everything in there but money, don't ya?" About a month or two later, I was in between paychecks and a little bit broke. Went to Mama for a loan. She gave me the money and held my purse for collateral. I joked that the Devil had tempted me to buy the purse. Mama shook her head. "Don't blame that on the Devil. This was between you and the Joneses." Trying to keep up is what she meant.

So, Mama's right, the Devil is not to blame for a lot of stuff, but I know he should get at least partial credit for some. Has to be him whispering into the ears of some people to make them do things. Folks have just got to figure out when not to listen to that lying little voice at times. The Devil does lie and I know people who believed him:
  • To the lady with 20 extra pounds right around her middle. the Devil lied when he said you'd look good wearing the low-rise jeans with the high-rise top.
  • If you are over 25, you do not look cute with Kool-Aid-colored hair cut into a funky style.
  • Old or young, if you are not in decent shape, you do not look cute in really short shorts, going bra-less or wearing a wife-beater in public. Even if you have a body like the latest supermodel, certain clothes are not meant to be worn outside the privacy of your bedroom. I'm talking to the chicks wearing the cootchie-cutter shorts or the peek-a-boo skirts sans underwear. That's your business, please don't share it with me.
  • Rudeness is not cute. You don't have to smile to make my day, but walking around looking like we all ticked you off does not help you along in life.
  • Public affection is holding hands or a little lip-smacking every now and then. That's cute. Sucking tongues or masturbating your partner in the grocery store is simply not acceptable behavior. Get a web cam and a PayPal account and leave us non-paying folks out of it.
  • Young folk: cussing and acting thuggish does not make you look grown. It makes you look unemployable and worrisome. It either frightens or disgust the rest of us.
  • Rudeness and impatience does not make you look important, no matter what kind of suit you wear or designer bag you carry. You just look like a well-dressed jerk. You make the rest of us wonder how bad your "good life" must be treating you.
  • Playing your music at top volume and thumping the bass is annoying. I might want to listen to my own music or hear myself think. I might be off my meds and decide to jump out at a red light and take a hammer to your stereo. People are living in stressful times these days... I'm just saying.
  • If you are a store clerk, don't be impatient with me because you had a bad day. You have a job. Be thankful.
  • Single folks: If you are a really good-looking person with a really stinky attitude, you start to look like a really stinky person. Approachable works better than cute any day.
  • Married folks: Courtship does not end at the altar.
  • Christians: You are not the Lord; you are His children and the "sinners" of the world are your brothers and sisters. I think God wants us to love our family. Love does not equal agreement on everything, but it still means LOVE. (And, by the way, your sins of lying or greed are no less or greater in God's eyes than someone's else sexual sins or sins of murder.)
  • Non-Christians: Some Christians get the "love" thing.
The Devil does not want us to recognize truth - in big things or in small things.


*** I recently noticed that someone landed on my page by searching for the origins of the saying "The Devil is a liar". I'm no scholar but, as far as in my home, the saying came from John 8:44 (You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's ...When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.)


  1. So true ! so precise !
    I posted the link on my facebook wall
    Thank you
    God bless you

  2. Njoh - Please email me to let me know how to find you on Facebook (if you haven't already).

    Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. You added me to you friend my displayed name is Will MANDENGUE

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  4. Good deal. That's what I was wondering. Bless you & look forward to seeing you around the net!

  5. I moved to S.C. and heard that all the time. "the devil is a liar". I never understood what that meant and did not know how to respond. Thank you for the insight and wisdom to explain the psychology.

  6. Monica - glad you enjoyed it. Maybe it made you smile a little bit today!

  7. I just found this. I am doing a study on how the Devil lies to us. Thanks for sharing this. May I use it as a reference?

  8. Todd - so sorry it took me a while to respond. Of course you can reference the post. Thank you for asking & God bless.

  9. That was awesome! I am a Pastor, and this is what all churches need to hear! Thank You for letting it out! Hope you don't mind if I use some of it!

  10. I dont believe in the devil. But people perform devilish acts. If you do something that is wrong or hurtful to another blame yourself. Because everything we do or say starts with self.

  11. Fabian - I believe in the Devil because I am Christian and believe in the Bible. As a Christian, I am growing more and more as I study the Word. I believe that a lot of times we blame the Devil for things that we willfully do ourselves.

    So, yes, while there are many things that are human caused, I do believe that there is a Devil (or Satan) and that he is hard at work against people, especially Christians. I try not to fall into the traps I set for myself (when it's ME being silly or stupid), but when I am being tested by Satan, I pray against it and trust in God to deliver me.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I throughly enjoyed you insite and wit,your observations and perceptions was also inspirational.Well done my sister.

  13. Anonymous - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. This is one of my most popular posts & I have been thinking of following it up.

  14. Just stumbled upon this...great writing and insight! Your mom sounds awesome!

  15. I stumbled on your post and since I love to read, I figured I would read what you had posted.

    This ---> "Got everything in there but money, don't ya?"" just made me LOL and set the tone for the rest of my day.