Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Git-Git Gittin It On!

Remember back when I was telling y'all about my niece's dogs: Gizmo and Genna? Well, people, Gizmo has got us all falling over laughing these days.

Understand that Giz is quite the little pimp. He's a mischievous rascal, that Giz. And we thought he was a little lover-dog. You know, the one that would have all the gal-dogs running after him. The whole reason for my niece getting Genna was so that she could mate the two pups.


Turns out that Gizmo has the right idea. He's certainly got the right idea, but... Well, let's just say that his enthusiam tends to be misdirected. Gabs (my niece) says that poor Giz was sure working it out last night. The only problem was that his aim seems to be off! I guess he was tiring himself all out and never even got near the right place to do any good. And Genna - well, that chick-pup has so much at-ti-tude to start with... Gabs said Genna was looking at Gizmo like, "What the hell is wrong with your over-heated self?!"

My sister kept getting these phone calls from Gabs last night:
  • "What's WRONG with this dog?"
  • "He's all over her LEG, Ma!"
  • "What's he doing to her EAR???"
  • "I thought this came NATURALLY to dogs, but - Gizmo! Gizmo!!! Ugh, gross..."
  • "Gotta go. He's made another mess."
Poor Gabs. She said that, at the rate Gizmo's lover skills are going, Genna's never going to breed... I asked what Gizmo acts like when he's, uh, done. She said, "He goes off and falls into a coma like he's really done something!"

So, what I'm wondering is: Is there somewhere Gabs can take Gizmo to get him some lessons or something???

He doesn't look "slow" does he??? LOL